Mike McCartney Confirms He is Still Kirk Cousins’ Agent

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UPDATE: On Friday evening, it appeared as if Kirk Cousins and longtime agent Mike McCartney had split ways. After reaching out to McCartney and multiple members of Kirk Cousins’ representation and receiving no response for hours, I posted this article, which was originally titled ‘It Appears Kirk Cousins Has Split with Longtime Agent Mike McCartney’. About 15 minutes later, Mike returned my email and confirmed that he is, in fact, still representing Cousins. For transparency purposes, here is the original story:

Kirk Cousins and his longtime agent Mike McCartney appear to have split ways. I have reached out to multiple members of Cousins’ team, along with McCartney, and I have not received a response back from either side.

Popular celebrity booking website, bookingagentinfo.com now has McCartney listed as Cousins’ former agent and his new agency as Excel Sports Management. In Kirk’s Twitter bio, he has Ashley Kirby (Excel Sports) listed as his contact for media or other inquiries.

Ashley’s boss, Alan Zucker (Partner at Excel Sports), is listed as Kirk’s new agent at bookingagentinfo.com and Zucker has Kirk listed as one of his clients on LinkedIn. Zucker, however, is not listed as an NFLPA certified agent, which adds to the intrigue. The other agent listed under Cousins’ profile, Melissa Baron, isn’t listed on the NFLPA website either..

“Kirk Cousins is represented by agents Alan Zucker and Melissa Baron. Kirk Cousins’ former agent is Mike McCartney.”


Kirk Cousins dumps longtime agent Mike McCartney?

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So, is this just a mistake at Booking Agent Info? That doesn’t appear to be the case. McCartney has completely wiped his social medias of Kirk Cousins, both Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, McCartney’s account is littered with photos of other players he represents, including Evan Ingram, Ryan Jensen and Aiden Hutchinson, even lesser known players like Max Duggan.

You can go back 93 weeks and see a photo with Mike and Rashod Bateman, who he hasn’t represented since 2021. Yet… nothing of his once most prized client, Kirk Cousins. Same for Kirk, who has no mention of McCartney on any of his social medias either. Even more telling, Kirk isn’t following Mike McCartney on Instagram anymore at all.

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What does this mean for contract negotiations with Minnesota Vikings?

Again, I have reached out to McCartney and multiple people at Excel Sports Management and have not received a response from either side. Kirk Cousins has been with Mike McCartney since he entered the NFL back in 2012 and the two have become notorious for squeezing every possible dollar out of Kirk’s worth, throughout his career.

Obviously, Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings are in the middle of contract negotiations, which were supposed to heat up during the NFL scouting combine next week. What would a change like this mean for those talks? We’ll soon find out.

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