ESPN Get Up Boldly Predicts Vikings Will Trade Justin Jefferson and Let Kirk Cousins Walk

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Photo Courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN Credit: Photo Courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

The predictions and projections around the NFL are at fever pitch right now, as we wait for more real news and concrete insider reports to start tumbling out of the scouting combine in Indianapolis.

But on ESPN’s Get Up Friday morning, the bold predictions hit peak level when former NFL QB Tim Hasselbeck predicted the Vikings ship Justin Jefferson out of town this offseason, instead of building around him.

ESPN’s Get Up gets BOLD with their Minnesota Vikings predictions

The reckless speculation didn’t end there, however. Next up was NFL insider Dan Graziano, who said the Vikings will let Kirk Cousins walk in free agency. Back-to-back bold prediction haymakers, the latter of which came from one of the league’s top insiders. Alrighty then…

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Hasselbeck: “Rather than it being a reload [in Minnesota], it’s a rebuild. And that Justin Jefferson, who wants to probably reset the wide receiver market in terms of contract… but he gets traded. So I think you look at Kirk Cousins being 36 years old, coming off of an injury, you don’t get him. Move on from Justin Jefferson, accumulate picks and rebuild in Minnesota.

Greeny: “That would define boldness for sure, but I don’t think it’s outlandish. Graziano, How about you give me a bold prediction?”

Graziano: “This one ties into Tim’s. I predict that that Kirk Cousins will sign elsewhere, will leave Minnesota and and they will trade up in the draft to get their quarterback of the future. I think these two moves could be tied together if Cousins isn’t going to be there. I wonder if Justin Jefferson is going to want to be there and vice versa, honestly.

Greeny: So a lot going on, a lot to figure out in Minnesota. All eyes on the Twin Cities.

Get Up – ESPN (2/23/24)

Would the Vikings really trade Justin Jefferson?

kirk cousins justin jefferson minnesota vikings
Oct 9, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson (18) and quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) warm up before the game against the Chicago Bears at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be real, predicting the Vikings to move on from Kirk Cousins and trade up for a QB of the future doesn’t even feel bold anymore, at this point. I still feel like it’s a >50% chance Kirk stays because that seems like the most obvious move, as long as he doesn’t want a crazy contract. But media discourse says something different will happen.

This morning’s “BOLD” prediction came from Hasselbeck and it follows a recent trend of analysts, talking heads and even some insiders wondering out loud whether or not the Vikings would dare trade Justin Jefferson.

I know the ESPN panel is just recklessly speculating. Still, I’m starting to think there are people in Justin Jefferson’s camp and/or within the Minnesota Vikings organization who are not completely shutting down this idea that Kwesi might be open to dealing the best player that’s worn purple and gold since prime Adrian Peterson.

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SKOR North’s Judd Zulgad — who still covers the Vikings beat and was once the lead Vikings beat writer at the Star Tribune — is starting to raise his antennas too. Judd has contacts inside the organization who don’t appear willing to rule out a JJ trade happening. His contacts aren’t “in the room” persay, but they’re leading him to think something might be up.

“Here’s what I will say about the Jefferson thing, and I feel like I’m on the periphery of… of… like… I think it’s a very close circle of who [within the Vikings organization] knows exactly what, right now.”

“The Vikings bent at least a little bit [on multiple years of fully-guaranteed money for TJ Hockenson]. So, are we really saying they might bend a little bit or a lot for Jefferson? So I am very unclear [on how real JJ Kirk steam is]”.

Judd Zulgad – Mackey & Judd Show (SKOR North)

The NFL combine cannot get here soon enough. We need some new reports and hopefully some more clarity on what the Minnesota Vikings are actually going to do this offseason. I can’t imagine it includes trading JJ… but I’ve certainly been surprised by the sports world before.

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