NFL MVP Money Pours in on Josh Allen While Kirk Cousins Gets Criminally Disrespected

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen tries to break a tackle by Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr during the first half of Sunday’s game in Minneapolis. (Bruce Kluckhohn / Associated Press)

Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback, Kirk Cousins, is getting the shaft once again. It’s always something… this time, it’s MVP Odds. Sport fans can be illogical and irrational sometimes. Check that, most of the time. It is my life’s mission to make all of you into smarter fans!

With the NFL just around the corner and MVP odds being released recently, let’s look at how backwards the thinking is for a lot of bettors.

As of this week, our beloved Kirk Cousins sits 21st in MVP betting odds, according to Oddschecker. This places him behind solidified stars such as Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Drew Brees, but also (asininely) behind the likes of Kyler Murray, Carson Wentz, and Jarrett — FUCKING — Stidham…


While it makes sense that Cousins sits behind the greats of the NFL, it makes absolutely no sense that he sits behind those who are unproven or perpetually injured.

Sure, betting isn’t an exact science, but the craziest aspect of all of this is that Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, has received more bets to win than any other contender…. 

Allen sits with 50/1 odds to win while Cousins sits at about 66/1. So why is Allen receiving 23% of all bets to win the prestigious award? 

You could point to his improvement from his rookie to sophomore season and the Bills’ acquisition of Stefon Diggs, but that still doesn’t add up, especially when you factor in his mediocre completion percentage. You can’t gain yards if passes are sailing over receivers’ heads.

Meanwhile, Cousins has been beyond consistent throughout his career, both with Washington and Minnesota. Yes, he plays in the Zimmer-Kubiak zone run and play-action offense, but as our own Skolmemes discussed recently, it is time for Cousins to play a bigger role. 

While Allen’s odds are favorable, I would be more attracted to Cousins, since he is the more consistent and better quarterback… on a better team. On top of all that, you will make more money.

In the end, do whatever you please. But don’t come crying to me when Cousins beats out Allen in MVP voting and makes the playoffs while Buffalo sits on their couch, rethinking their future at QB.

Jack Kewitsch | Minnesota Sports Fan

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