It’s Time to Take the Governor Off This Vikings’ Ship… and Hand the Keys to Kirk Cousins

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Kirk Daniel Cousins, the $84 million man for the Minnesota Vikings. Actually, if he plays through his current contract, he will be the $150 million dollar Minnesota man. That would make him the third-highest paid Minnesota athlete ever, behind Joe Mauer’s $223 million dollar playing career and Kevin Garnett’s $217 million dollar earnings, as a Timberwolf.

With a big salary, especially as a Minnesota Vikings Quarterback, comes great responsibility. It’s Kirk’s time.. The coaching staff in Minnesota needs to give Kirk Cousins the FREEDOM to take control of the offense.


Mike Zimmer’s head coaching fortune has been a rocky one, to say the least. He’s gone through seven different starting QBs (not counting Mannion’s lone start in 2019) and four different offensive coordinators in six years.

Kirk brings a ton of durability and reliability to the Vikings offense (something we’re not used to in Minnesota). If it wasn’t for Sean Mannion’s start in week 17, 2019, Cousins would have been the first Vikings quarterback to start every game in back to back seasons, since Fran Tarkenton did it back in 1972-73 .

Enough with the statistics and the history lesson.. let’s move forward to the 2020 season.

With the Kubiaks leading the offensive coaching staff, Cousins needs to be the one to take control. Offensive Coordinator, Gary Kubiak, will likely call games from the press box just like we saw Norv Turner do, while in Minnesota. I’m no damn expert, but doesn’t it seem like an offensive play caller could better communicate with the quarterback, if he roams the sideline (especially in a loud environment on the road)?

This is why Kirk Cousins needs to take that next step as a QB and leader. He needs to be comfortable taking over a game (or simply a drive) by himself, the way you see other veteran quarterbacks take over. He doesn’t need to call every play, but when he sees an advantage (substitution, matchup, package, etc), he needs to pounce. It’s a power you should be able to give someone whose making what this Michigan State Alum does.

Cousins’ contract is expiring after the 2022 season. If he wants to stick around after that, he needs to live up to that possible $150m payday. We need Kirk to Captain this Vikings ship in 2020.

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