Nothing Will Stop Kirk Cousins From Doing Charity Work

Photo: Ben Goessling - Star Tribune (@GoesslingStrib - Twitter)

The Minnesota Vikings are playing well, without their longtime starting quarterback Kirk Cousins, who recently had surgery on a torn Achilles tendon.

Thus, Kirk has stayed in the background, avoiding media at every turn, while still being at TCO Performance Center to help his replacement, Josh Dobbs, digest and prepare to do the job he can no longer do. But one place we have seen Cousins out in public is at Vikings charity events.

Kirk Cousins will not be denied his charity hours

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One day after his injury, before he even had surgery or got a hard cast to protect his Achilles, Kirk fought through the snow on a little push scooter to make sure he was at the team’s Trick-or-Treat charity event at the end of October.

And on Tuesday evening, he showed his dedication to serving and giving yet again. After getting his cast removed this morning, Cousins was serving Thanksgiving meals at the Vikings’ yearly Salvation Army charity event.

None of this is a surprise. If we’ve learned nothing else about Kirk Cousins, the man, in his 5.5 years as quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, it’s that he’s an A+ human being. Not only that, but he’s an A+ quarterback too.

We’ll see how the rest of this season plays out, but unless Josh Dobbs proves himself a future franchise starter over the next two months (and that includes playoffs), I’m still of the belief that the Minnesota Vikings should go with their best quarterback option plausibly available to them next season.

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And if you put money aside, and the team’s future beyond next year aside, Kirk Cousins is absolutely still that quarterback for 2024. But… I’d love for Dobbs to keep proving me wrong.

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