Justin Jefferson Will Push Vikings Toward Re-Signing Kirk Cousins, if Needed

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Justin Jefferson has made it clear multiple times over the past few weeks, just how much he loves having Kirk Cousins as his quarterback. At this point, it’s no secret that JJ wants his QB1 back in Minnesota Vikings purple and gold until the 35-year-old is ready to hang up his helmet and pads for good.

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It’s one thing for a superstar wide receiver to talk publicly about his affinity for a quarterback. It’s another thing entirely, for said superstar to enter himself directly into contract negotiations that are not his own, because he thinks it’s that important they bring his QB back.

Justin Jefferson will go to bat for Kirk Cousins, during contract talks

And when asked on Wednesday if he plans to do just that this offseason, when the Vikings are trying to figure out their future QB plans and Kirk Cousins is set to become a free agent, Jefferson confirmed he will.

Well, first he made it clear that he shouldn’t have to go to bat for Cousins. That decision makers should be able to look at the stats and the Vikings offense with and without Kirk, themselves, and easily see how essential he is to their offense. But that either way, JJ will be there in Kwesi-Adofo Mensah and Zygi Wilf’s ears, in the hopes of getting his guy ‘Kirko’, back under contract.

Siefert: “Will you make your opinion known on Kirk when his contract time comes up?”

JJ: “I mean, I feel like I’m always voicing my opinion on Kirk. I mean, as much as people, you know, downgrade him and, you know, not want to give him his credit, I’m always the person that gives him his credit. And I’m always, you know, blessed and just accepting of the person that he was for me, the player that he was for me in this team, just by being that leader and being that captain, controlling the game, controlling where the ball goes and making great throws, you know, I think the rest of the world definitely realizes that at this very moment.”

Siefert: “I mean, like talking to like the front office or ownership or whatever in terms of people who would decide what would happen in the future [at QB].”

JJ: “Yeah, I feel like I really don’t have to voice my opinion that much. I mean, you can just really look at the stats and look at the play, especially before he he went down this year.”

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Minnesota Vikings cannot split up Justin Jefferson + Kirk Cousins bromance

Given what we have seen so far, from the other quarterbacks who have tried to do Kirk Cousins’ job in his absence, there is really only one move that makes sense this offseason, if the Vikings want to keep Justin Jefferson happy (and you can guarantee they do). They have to get his QB1 back under contract.

The above video wasn’t all JJ had to say about Kirk Cousins at today’s media availability. Before he got into Kirk’s future and pending contract negotiations, Jefferson was asked if he appreciates Cousins more, now that he is gone. Justin said no, because he appreciates him all the time. On the field, off the field, he just loves his QB1, man.

Reporter: “Do you have a different level of appreciation [for Kirk Cousins] after seeing what it’s like when he’s not out there?”

JJ: “I always have appreciation for Kirk, even when he’s out there and when he’s not out there. You know, people don’t see what goes on in the building. They don’t see the relationship that go on. They don’t see the connections that go on. And me and Kirk have a great connection, you know, even when he’s not throwing the ball, you know, it’s great to have him around and to be around the building, just him being himself and him being the leader that he is.

But it’s definitely, you know, tough without him, you know, being there. You know, his leadership, his knowledge of the game, his awareness. It’s definitely, you know, a piece missing, just not having that that main piece out there on the table.”

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Is keeping Kirk around going to make finding an elite-level young talent for the future more difficult? Of course. But knowing the Wilfs, I do not expect them to piss off the superstar they already have, in Justin Jefferson, in the name of finding him a QB that is hopefully as good as the QB they also already have.

Even if it puts the long-term future of the franchise in a more precarious position, I think all signs point to Kirko coming back in 2024, especially if he will give the Vikings some friendlier terms than he might give other teams.

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