Justin Jefferson Talks About How Much Vikings Miss Kirk Cousins

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
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Well, how many reminders do Minnesota Vikings fans need before they realize how badly this team needs Kirk Cousins? For those who have already made up their minds, it probably doesn’t matter how poorly other quarterbacks play in his place, they’ll never admit they miss Kirk.

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Justin Jefferson talks about missing Kirk Cousins… again

But Justin Jefferson is not one of those people. He’s talked about his adoration for Kirk Cousins a few times since his QB1 went down, and did again on Sunday evening after the Vikings’ loss vs Detroit; telling reporters that today should serve as a reminder of “the type of player Kirk is” and how “not everybody is meant for this job”.

Reporter: “Before this year, you had quite a consistency at quarterback. You can go back to LSU, to here. Has this year just kind of showed you anything about what it can be like when you don’t have that consistency at that spot?”

Jefferson: “I mean, I really think it goes to show the rest of the world the type of player Kirk is. At the end of the day, this is a tough league and umm not everybody is meant for this job, you know. So it is tough not having #8 out there. The the captain that he is, the leader that he is. And he’s a great player, you know. Nothing taken away from Nick. Nick is an outstanding player as well.”

It’s time to re-sign Kirk Cousins

It’s clear JJ misses his leader, his captain, his QB, Kirk Cousins. You think these words are a slip up and unintentional? Think again. Jefferson is a smart guy. He’s making it clear to general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Minnesota Vikings ownership that they need to get Cousins back under contract.

justin jefferson minnesota vikings miss kirk cousins
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In classic JJ fashion, though, his comments didn’t feel like a slight against Nick Mullens, or any other QB the Vikings have on roster. He sounded like someone stating factual information.

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Kirk Cousins is an elite starting quarterback in the NFL, which is important since QB is the most important and difficult position in all of professional sports.

And the Wilfs need to listen to their superstar wide receiver’s not so subtle message. Get your QB1 back under contract for next season and beyond so he can feed your young superstar receiver. Who… if you’ll remember, has not signed his own extension yet either.

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