Justin Jefferson Wants Vikings to ‘Give Me What I Deserve’… Including Kirk Cousins

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Justin Jefferson, the standout wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, is on the verge of securing a record-setting contract extension as he enters the final year of his rookie deal. Anticipation surrounds this upcoming negotiation, with projections suggesting that his new contract could set new benchmarks for the league.

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Just like much of the league, Jefferson is in Las Vegas this week for all of the Super Bowl festivities, including some appearances on ‘radio row’ Wednesday, where he had some interesting things to say about his ongoing contract negotiations with the Vikings, and his feelings on a potential Kirk Cousins return (or departure).

Justin Jefferson still waiting to break the bank

In an interview with ‘Schein on Sports’ with Adam Schein (SiriusXM, CBS Sports), JJ was pretty up-front about all the unknowns involved in his ongoing contract negotiations with the Vikings, even coming off as semi-frustrated with how long it has taken to get a deal done.

Schein: “What about the latest on your contract because, my goodness Justin, break the bank, let’s go…”

JJ: “Hey, I’m right there with you. I want to break the bank and I want to be a part of an organization that wants me and [wants] to really give me what I deserve. I feel like eventually the Vikings will do what they need to do, to have me in the building, but I don’t really know at this very moment. Only time will tell.”

Justin Jefferson is optimistic that the Minnesota Vikings will eventually recognize his value and ultimately offer a deserving contract. Technically, general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah has the entire offseason to finish off extension talks with JJ and it’s possible the more pressing priority lies in determining the fate of Kirk Cousins and whether they opt to bring him back.

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The structure of Jefferson’s contract, and when the biggest numbers in the deal will hit hardest, could depend on what the Vikings end up doing with Cousins. Speaking of Kirk, Justin Jefferson spoke yet again about his preferred option for Minnesota’s QB1 next season, when asked by Rich Eisen (Rich Eisen Show – NFL Network) in a separate appearance.

JJ appeared genuine when he said “I have no idea” who his quarterback will be in 2024-25. When asked what his sense is on the QB situation, Jefferson smoothly changed the question to who he hopes will be his QB. Of course, we know that is Kirk Cousins, which he reiterated with Eisen.

Eisen: “Who’s your quarterback this year?”

JJ: “Yeah, I don’t know that. I don’t know that. I have no idea. It could be Kirk, it could be someone else I have no idea.”

[30 seconds later]

Eisen: “What’s your sense of how it might play out, with [Kirk Cousins]?”

JJ: “I mean, I would like him to stay. I would love for him to stay and have that connection with him. You know, it’s going to be difficult to create that connection with a whole new quarterback, especially [since] we don’t know if we are going to draft one, if we are going to pick one up. So, it’s a little bit of a difficult situation. But I would like to have him back. I would like to have him in that locker room, with that leadership that he has and that ‘C’ on his chest.”

Justin Jefferson Thankful To Call Minnesota Home

Justin Jefferson : Minnesota Vikings
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During his interview with Adam Schein, Jefferson says he doesn’t really know what he would do if the Vikings decide they don’t want to pay him what he is demanding, that he hasn’t really thought about it.

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He then went on to express his gratitude towards the organization, acknowledging that his current position wouldn’t be possible without their decision to draft him. He emphasizes that Minnesota has become his home since joining the league, and says he wants to stay long-term.

Schein: What if you don’t get [the contract you’re seeking] from Minnesota?

JJ: “Ummm… I’m not really too sure, at this very moment. I’m definitely grateful for what Minnesota has done for me. I definitely wouldn’t be in this situation if they didn’t pick me, to be the fifth receiver taken. With everything that has happened and everything I have gave to the organization, of course, I would want to stay and that’s where I’ve been calling home ever since I got into the league.”

Justin Jefferson (Top Video) – Schein on Sports (SiriusXM)

The Minnesota Vikings need to make retaining the reigning offensive player of the year Justin Jefferson a top priority. He has been a game changer in the league, arguably one of the most valuable players around. Loved by fans and teammates alike, it’s JJ’s abilities on the football field that are unmatched. Just like Justin Jefferson, I too am confident Kwesi & Co will eventually secure a deal that keeps the superstar in purple for a very long time.

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