Justin Jefferson Reiterates He Will Be That Dude No Matter His QB

Justin Jefferson
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There aren’t many players capable of impacting a game like Justin Jefferson. In fact, there has never been another player quite like the Minnesota Vikings’ All-Pro receiver.

Who ranks first in NFL history in receiving yards per game? Justin Jefferson is at 98.3 yards per game. That tops Calvin Johnson at 86.1, beats Tyreek Hill’s 81.8 YPG, and crushes Jerry Rice’s 75.6 YPG. Randy Moss? He comes in at 29th, with 70.1 yards per game in his illustrious career.

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While Jefferson has a long way to go, he’s already proven to be among the game’s greatest players. Much of that success has happened when paired with Kirk Cousins. But with Cousins set for free agency, the Vikings’ future at QB is a major question mark. How could that impact Jefferson’s production in Minnesota?

Justin Jefferson Eyes 2025 Super Bowl no matter Minnesota Vikings QB

justin jefferson
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It’s Super Bowl week, and while the Minnesota Vikings are forced to watch from home, some of the team’s star players are still generating headlines. That includes Justin Jefferson, with everyone wanting to know what his future holds as the Vikings prepare to make him the highest-paid non-QB in NFL history.

Not only are folks curious about Jefferson’s contract status, they also want to know who he’ll be catching passes from next season. Recently on NFL Network, Andrew Siciliano and Daniel Jeremiah had the chance to put Jefferson under the spotlight.

In the process, Jefferson noted how much he’d love to be in next year’s Super Bowl, especially since it’s being held at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, close to where the Louisiana native grew up. While that was fun, the conversation got a bit more real when Jefferson was asked who he’d be catching passes from, in that situation.

Jefferson didn’t beat around the bush. While he has no clue what the Vikings will do this offseason just yet, he makes it known that he’ll put his best foot forward no matter who’s slinging him the pigskin.

JJ prefers Kirk Cousins but doesn’t need him

While it’s hard to envision an immediate future without Cousins, Jefferson has already shown he’s plenty capable without the four-time Pro Bowl QB throwing him the ball. After all, he racked up 192 yards and a touchdown in the regular season finale with Nick Mullens. It’s the third-most receiving yards Jefferson has ever had in a single game in his NFL career.

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Later in the same interview, JJ is asked if he would push his contract negotiations into next offseason, if he isn’t sure about the QB situation in Minnesota. In response, Jefferson paused as he thought about his answer, before finally deciding to plead the 5th.

He doesn’t know what he would do, in that situation. Justin then reiterated how he’d like to the Vikings to bring Kirk Cousins back. But at the end of the day, as long as footballs are flying in his direction on game day, he’s gonna catch them and make plays, just like he has always done (1:25 mark in video below) — transcript included).

Siciliano: “Would you pass on doing a deal this summer, if there’s still uncertainty as to who the long term quarterback is going to be?”

JJ: “Uhmmm… that’s a great question, but I really don’t know at this very moment. I really have to see if, you know, we really bring back Kirk or if we decide to draft or pick up a quarterback. All that plays a part. But also, you know, I still managed to get 1000 yards playing through four different quarterbacks, as well. So it really doesn’t matter too much, you know, who’s throwing me that ball, as long as someone is throwing it to me.”

“I’m confident and I have the ability to make plays no matter if the ball is you know 100% accurate or or if it’s a little behind or a little in front or a little off. So I’m always confident in my game, confident that I’m gonna play the same no matter who’s gonna throw me that ball. But of course, you know, having Kirk out there to to be that leader and that captain, and to throw the ball with accuracy and precise, as he does. It definitely is very valuable and useful being a receiver.”

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