Nick Mullens Gets Emotional with Reporters After Vikings’ Season Ends in Detroit

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions
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The Minnesota Vikings season was most likely end on Sunday, no matter the results of their game vs the Detroit Lions. And before the contest was even over, the Saints beat the Bucs, officially ending any mathematical chance for them to sneak in.

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Minnesota Vikings lose to Lions, miss playoffs

For one half of football, you had to wonder if the Vikings had mailed it in, especially the offense, which scored just six points in the first two quarters, leaving Justin Jefferson visibly upset after one failed drive.

But that all changed in the 2nd half, after the Lions took a 20-6 lead early in the 3rd quarter. Just when you thought the purple and gold would tap out and let their minds start wandering into the offseason, the Minnesota offense caught fire and scored two straight touchdowns, to bring the score within a touchdown, at 27-20.

Suddenly, Nick Mullens had 351 yards and two touchdowns, distributing passes to NINE different Vikings receivers, 10 of which went to Justin Jefferson for 178 yards and a touchdown. Suddenly, JJ’s first half frown was upside down.

Mullens finished with 396 yards and 2 touchdowns to go with 2 costly interceptions (just another day on the job). Jefferson piled up a total of 12 receptions for 192 yards by the time the game clock expired on Sunday’s contest and the Vikings’ season, meaning even after missing 9 games this year, Justin accomplished his 3rd straight 1,000 yard season, to start his career.

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Nick Mullens gets emotional after Lions loss

The roller-coaster that was Sunday’s game is a pretty good metaphor for the Minnesota Vikings’ season. It got off to a slow start, caught some fire and ignited a little bit of hope, before quickly fizzling out into a game and season that nobody will remember down the road.

They lost 30-20, missed the playoffs and now face a ton of questions to answer this offseason. After the week 18 loss, Nick Mullens took to the postgame podium in Detroit and nearly broke down, when asked about said roller-coaster season.

“I’ll go back and watch the film tomorrow. Good or bad, I’m always proud of myself and so I’ll just keep going. Nick, can you put into words just the roller coaster ride this season has been? It’s been a long ride up and down. I love the Vikings. I love the team.. umm… just like what were we one of four.

One and three then went 5-0 And then obviously the stretch is like your starter goes down and you love to come in and say like us quarterbacks, whoever was back there, led the team to the playoffs and that’s what we hoped for. Didn’t get it done. Sorry, but it’s been fun. It’s been like I said, I love the Vikings.

It sucks. But it was it was fun season. You learn a lot. You go through a lot. It was cool. Where’s all the emotion coming from? I’m an emotional dude. Probably just sucks. You want to do your best, but it just sucks. Yeah, a lot of guys as part of the connectedness of this team, does that add another layer of emotion to this? Yeah, yeah. No doubt, no doubt.

Like I said, you just try to get the job done. We’re very close this year, but very close is not good enough in this league.”

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Nick Mullens is far from perfect, even as an NFL backup. But it’s guys like him and attitudes like this that, no matter how significant their role is, make a team better. I’d take this type of QB2 over a young guy with upside who doesn’t care about the team he plays for.

Of course, a young day 1st or 2nd rounder to backup Kirk Cousins next season would be ideal. But short of that, I’d sign up for another year of Nick Mullens as my backup for sure.

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