Report: Patriots Demanding King’s Ransom from Vikings for No. 3 Pick

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The Minnesota Vikings have talked to every team sitting in the top-10 of the NFL Draft, as they prep for the most important day in recent franchise history. Their absolute Plan-A is to draft their next franchise quarterback. At this point, they’ve privately met and worked out with at least a couple of their top targets.

But there very well may be a ceiling on how high they are willing to go up, strictly based on how much it might cost to get there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah trade this year’s No. 11 and No. 23, along with their 1st round pick in 2025, to get into the top-3, if that’s how high they need to get in order to hook one of KOC’s top three QBs.

Vikings Draft Rumors: Patriots asking King’s ransom for No. 3

But what if it takes even more than (3) 1st rounders? Because that’s exactly what top Patriots insider Tom Curran (NBC Sports Boston) is hearing from local sources. He says, “from what I’m hearing, it’s gonna take a lot more than that for the Patriots to be moved off their spot” at No. 3. — Full quote transcribed below video

“What I’m hearing, in terms of ‘the bag’ that Jerod Mayo referenced last week [or] what kind of currency the Patriots need to see coming to them [in order to trade away No. 3] and I keep circling back to [the assumption that] it’s gonna be three 1st round picks, meaning Minnesota at No. 11 and No. 23, and their 1st round pick from next year (2025).

From what I’m hearing, it’s gonna take a lot more than that for the Patriots to be moved off their spot [at No. 3] because they, as a team collectively, understand the opportunity that these three quarterbacks represent at the top of the draft.”

Tom Curran – Patriots Talk Podcast (NBC Sports Boston)

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I can’t see the Minnesota Vikings’ front office giving up much more than three first round picks to move into the top-3. It puts the conversation way too close to the Herschel Walker skeletons that still lie beneath US Bank Stadium, somewhere in the foundation of what was the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

That doesn’t mean Curran’s steam isn’t legit. It doesn’t do much digging to find out how plugged in Curran is thought to be. Some fans believe he has a direct line to their new head coach, Jerod Mayo. But if the New England Patriots really are demanding more than (3) 1st-round picks from Kwesi & Co for No. 3 overall, then I’d say it’s unlikely a deal gets done.

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There’s only a couple reasons why the Pats’ asking price would be so high. They either (a) like their guy at No. 3 so much that only a king’s ransom will get them to move off the pick or (b) they are trying to push up the price and test the limits on how high the Vikings are willing to go, knowing we still have a couple weeks before talks get more serious. Only they know the answer to that question.

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