Pros & Cons: Who Should be Minnesota Vikings Starting Quarterback Out of Bye?

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Josh Dobbs and the Minnesota Vikings have suffered back to back losses vs sub-.500 teams, dropping their record on the season to 6-6. The Vikings’ biggest problems, unlike past seasons, are on offense.

In the last couple weeks, the magic Dobbs brought with him from Arizona has faded and, though we still see flashes in spurts, he’s shown why he’s a journeyman backup QB. Now, head coach Kevin O’Connell plans to review his options at quarterback during the bye week, meaning the race for Vikings QB1 is wide open.

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Who Should be Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback?

So, what’s next? Should the Vikings turn to one of the other backup quarterbacks they have on roster, either 28-year-old Nick Mullens or 5th-round rookie, Jaren Hall? Would KOC be better off rolling with the Passtronaut that got him here? Let’s look at the pros and cons for all three options.

Stick with what got you here: Josh Dobbs

Pros: Dobbs has the ability to escape a crumbling pocket and make plays with his feet better than any other QB on roster. His playmaking abilities are why the Vikings are still in the running for a playoff spot after all. And let’s not forget Josh gave life to this team when we thought they were dead, following the Kirk Cousins injury.

Dobbs hasn’t played as well of late, but ups and downs happen during the course of a season, especially when you only joined the team a month ago. He also has the most recent experience of the bunch. Dobbs has played in all 12 NFL games this year and started 11.

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Cons: Dobbs came in and completely took over this offense, however over the past 2 games, we’ve also seen plenty of overthrows/unenforced errors that have essentially cost the Vikings in both games. The spark hasn’t been the same.   

Take the highest floor, lowest ceiling option: Nick Mullens

Pros: Mullens is a guy who does have some NFL experience, starting 17 games, 16 with the San Francisco 49ers, and 1 with the Cleveland Browns in his 6 year NFL career. Of all quarterbacks currently available to the Vikings, Nick Mullens gives O’ Connell the biggest call sheet on game days as he is the most familiar with the offense.

Cons: Nick Mullens currently has a starting record of 5-12 in the NFL, and his stats aren’t promising either, he’s thrown 27 TDs 23 INTs along with a completion percentage of 65.3. Hard to get excited about Mullens, (if he starts) but who knows!

Allure of the unknown: Jaren Hall

Pros: Give the team back to rookie quarterback Jaren Hall? Jaren Hall is officially back after suffering a concussion in his first ever NFL start against the Falcons in week 9.

Hall, who looked very promising in his only two real drives of the season. He finished those two drives in Atlanta with 5 completions for 78 while marching the team down the field before exiting the game. Hall looked very calm and composed, and I think is the most realistic option for QB after the bye.

Cons: Jaren Hall is only a rookie and lacks the most experience of the 3. And let’s be real, he was never drafted to be the starter, let alone in year one. In all likelihood, Hall isn’t the answer long-term.

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Most of the optimism surrounding Hall is based off of one good looking drive against the Atlanta Falcons, before he was concussed at the goal line. He hasn’t seen the field since.

Kevin O’Connell has options

No matter who he decides to go with, Kevin O’Connell has relatively good options, given the circumstances. Most teams that are playing backup quarterbacks are completely out out of the playoff race. No the Vikings.

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