Kevin O’Connell Won’t Commit to Josh Dobbs as Vikings QB1 Going Forward

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
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Josh Dobbs rode the struggle bus all night in the Minnesota Vikings 12-10 loss vs the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. He threw four interceptions in a reality check of epic proportions, as the entire football world watched his downfall.

Kevin O’Connell won’t commit to Josh Dobbs as Vikings starting quarterback

His head coach, Kevin O’Connell, didn’t exactly give the ‘Passtronaut’ a vote of confidence in his press conference after the game, either. Normally a spin doctor, KOC wasn’t interested in narratives after this one.

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When asked by reporters if Dobbs would be the Vikings starting quarterback going into the bye week, KOC made it clear he and his staff will be looking into all options, given they have nearly two weeks and three healthy backup QBs to choose from.

“We’re going to take a look and really evaluate the inventory of plays we have of Josh [Dobbs]. We got healthy. We got Jaren [Hall] back available to us and then Nick Mullens is available as well.”

“We’re going to evaluate what we’ve been able to do, things we need to get better at and we’ll take a look at what that looks like. Hopefully we’ll get Justin [Jefferson] back. He was close tonight. Getting him back, anytime you can infuse that into your offense, it makes everyone around him better. We’ll take a look at everything, we have a lot of work to do during the bye.”

Kevin O’Connell after Bears loss (video above)

After seeing KOC speak after the game, I’d be rather shocked if Dobbs is the Minnesota Vikings starting QB vs the Las Vegas Raiders in week 14. He was so frustrated with Josh’s play that he seriously thought about benching him in favor of Nick Mullens.

I’m glad Kevin O’Connell sees what the rest of us do. Joshua Dobbs is not a starting quarterback in this league. Thus, now that Nick Mullens and Jaren Hall are both healthy and ready to go, there’s no reason why the Vikings should be committed to Dobbs going forward, given how poorly he has played over the last two weeks.

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