Voting Ends Today: BIG TIME Player of the Month – November

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According to the fan vote, Rashod Bateman will be a landslide winner for November’s Minnesota Sports Fan BIG TIME Player of the Month, receiving the 2nd flannel we’ve handed out…. well, kind of. Due to NCAA rules, Gopher players who win the MSF BIG TIME POM Flannel can’t collect the award until A.) times change or B.) they get out of school. No worries. If Rashod or any other Gophers win, we’ll keep their flannels housed safely until they are legally able to collect them…

Anyway, I’m a bit surprised at the landslide this has turned into. Unless the facebook and website visitors decide to dive hard into the vote today, and they go away from Bateman, he’s going to win in a landslide. Sometimes I think we get so used to how great KAT is, that he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Then, I thought fans might vote Wiggins in, just so they could see me hand him a flannel after slandering his play for so long…. But if things continue like this, it’ll be tough for the committee to ignore Bateman. Even if they did, I’d be hard-pressed to choose anyone other than him, in the tie-break, with an uneven fan vote like this… [see how selection process works here]

If you want more facts before you make your decision, I can certainly respect that. I attached a highlight video with a November state table for each nominee, to the fan vote over on twitter. Here those are:

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In case you missed it, our first-ever BIG TIME POM Flannel was awarded to Kirk Cousins for his ridiculous month of October. We will award one flannel each month, to the biggest performer out of the 6 teams we cover (Vikings, Twins, Wolves, Wild, Gopher FB, Gopher MBB).

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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