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Dear Minnesota Sports Fam,

You’ve heard it over and over. In fact, Karl-Anthony Towns said something like it just the other day, “I don’t play for individual awards; I play for championships.” 

Ladies and Gentleman, Minnesota Sports Fan LLC & are proud to present an individual MONTHLY award that‘s likely to change that narrative. An award that could make all team awards irrelevant in this state, going forward… The flannel jacket now becomes the “Minnesota Sports Fan BIG TIME Player of the Month” Award. Fan voting this month (read below for all details this month and going forward) will take place for the next 3 days on our Twitter and Facebook pages. The polls will close at midnight, Monday; and the winner will be announced on Tuesday morning. We will release one highlight video each day, of all 4 nominees (all listed below), one at a time, starting with 

Kirk Cousins: 4 GMS | 1261 YDS | 10 TDS | 1 INT | 137.1 RATE | 78.45 CMP % 

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Rodney Smith: 4 GMS | 78 CAR | 564 YDS | 7.2 YPC | 5 RUSH TDS | 8 TOTAL TDS

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Dalvin Cook: 4 GMS | 85 CAR | 413 YDS | 4.86 YPC | 4 TDS | 14 REC | 179 YDS

Antoine Winfield Jr.: 4 GMS | 23 TKLS | 1 SCK | 4 INTS | 1 TD

(stats via sports reference family)

Here in Minnesota, we are proud of our heritage and we are even prouder of the extra large ball-size (Zim knows what I’m talking about) it takes to get through the weather fluctuations you only see here, throughout a normal calendar year. And with Minnesotans from the beginning (worthy of wearing for at least 8-9 months out of the year), has been the ever-reliable flannel shirt/coat. They make them thick, thin, and everything in between (just like beautiful women). Hell, if you don’t have flannel bedsheets for winter then tap over to Amazon right now and change your best.

But now…. the flannel jacket will gain another point of pride and be again reshaped for what it means for the state of Minnesota. 

Our flannel will be of the classic, thick variety and will have this patch (seen in the video too) on the right pectoral. The jackets will be delivered through team channels (hopefully) and specialty packaged (the packaging is part of the award).

Until we hand the first one out next week, you get just a sneak-peek. I promise, these will blow you away. Every jacket will be custom-made for the winner every month. So, they can’t be made until a winner is crowned. 

Who Can be Crowned, you ask?

For now, this site covers 6 teams regularly:

  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Minnesota Wild
  • Minnesota Gophers Football
  • Minnesota Gophers Basketball

Only players from these teams are eligible. As we expand coverage in the future, possible changes will be taken into consideration.

Voting and Award Monthly Timeline Going Forward:

Our followers and readers are a big part of this (1/3 to be exact). Starting for November’s Flannel, and then going forward after that, voting for #BIGTIMEPOM will open with one week left in the month that is being voted on (usually around the 23-24 of each month). Normally, voting will be live for one week on our Facebook and Twitter pages) so one individual can vote a total of 2 times. FAN vote will count for 1/3 of the FINAL vote each month. 

The next 1/3 of the vote will be by a SECRET AF Minnesota Sports Fan Committee, that I do not take part in, but did carefully hand-pick each member for. It’s a committee of 5 MSF contributors, WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED PUBLICLY, for obvious impartiality reasons. Each committee member is a fan of all 6 teams who’s players are qualified for nomination. 

The final 1/3 of the vote will be mine. I don’t plan to vote every month. I only plan to break ties, when necessary. If the fans don’t agree with the committee, I will break the tie. If everyone else agrees, then I won’t vote at all. 

Normally, the polls will close at midnight of every month. Later that morning (1st day of the new month), the winner will be announced, and the flannel will be delivered within a week of that time. To reiterate yet again, one of these flannels will be handed out each month, so make sure you are following on all of our social media’s and on our site, where we will be writing blogs and posting about each month’s race, as it unfolds.

Let’s blow this thing up and have some fun with it.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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