Vikings Destroy Dolphins with Zimmer-Ball

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When asked what the problem was on offense, Mike Zimmer was annoyingly consistent with his answer. We needed to run more. We needed more Dalvin Cook. 

His requests continued to fall on the deaf ears of John DeFilippo until it was too late. He was fired after his offense mustered nothing again against the Seahawks last week.

Enter Kevin Stefanski

Zimmer’s constant fist-slamming about the running game was heard by His new offensive coordinator, Kevin Stefanski today in his play-calling debut vs Miami.

And when you give Dalvin Cook the football, good things aren’t bound to happen.

Stefanski’s version of Kirk Cousins wasn’t too bad (mostly) either. When given time and space, Kirk can look special.

The best part about this game is the way it was won. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a game or a game plan vindicate a coach more than this game and offensive game plan vindicated Mike Zimmer. John DeFilippo didn’t want to run the football. Whatever team he eventually takes full control of should have running backs on full alert. You do not want to be a RB on that team.

If you can hold onto the ball for a little while and NOT give it back to the other team (especially for touchdowns – more on that in a moment) Zimmer’s defense will take care of the rest. And today, that was on display.

Two Mistakes

The Vikings played pretty well but did give up momentum on two different plays that almost swung the momentum a little too much to be comfortable. In his postgame press conference, Zimmer said the big run by the Dolphins was his fault. That they caught him in an aggressive call. He blamed the pick-6 on just a jumped route by the CB.

In the end, it was an easy Vikings victory. The type of runaway victory we’ve been waiting for all season. After one week of “The Kevin Stefanski Project,” I’m ready to crown his ass.

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