Vikings Are Paying Kirk Cousins $40 Million to Hand the Ball Off to Dalvin Cook

Photo: Bill Kostroun – Credit: AP

The Minnesota Vikings moved to 3-5 after a win over the Lions Sunday. After a horrible start to the season things seem to be moving in the right direction and there seems to be one significant trend developing within their success. Kirk Cousins doesn’t throw the ball when they win.

Cousins’ Pass Attempts in 3 Wins18.6
Cousins’ Pass Attempts in 5 Losses30.6

QB’s typically throw more often in losses because they’re more likely to be playing from behind. But the Vikings dedication, over the last couple of games, to take the keys away from Cousins as much as possible goes far beyond game flow.

This is a run first offense and that is how this team is going to win. That again calls into question why Kirk Cousins gets paid top dollar? Kirk Cousins is getting paid $40 million, after signing an extension this offseason.

Bashing the Vikings’ decision to continue paying Kirk Cousins as much as they do, is developing into a weekly tradition. I can’t help myself. He’s been so bad this season that they are now paying him to get rid of the football as quickly as possible. Just don’t screw anything up…

The tank is dead but change is not..

Any hopes of tanking for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields have faded but that doesn’t mean the Minnesota Vikings should abandon their quest for a new QB ASAP. That means dumping him this offseason, if the opportunity presents itself.

Gary Kubiak has proven the ability to scheme up a solid offensive game plan with a below average quarterback who doesn’t take up a large chunk of your cap. I don’t care if it’s a Sam Darnold reclamation project or starting with someone fresh like Zach Wilson (BYU). Either way, something needs to change.

If Zimmer and Spielman want to build around Dalvin Cook, like they obviously do, then they should pay for a defense and a solid offensive line, not a below-average quarterback.

Divorcing Kirk Cousins this offseason would be a perfect way to find some extra spending money.

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan