USC was Sniffing Around Mark Coyle Prior to Contract Extension with U Of M

Mark Coyle signed a contract extension last week that, on paper, attaches him to the University of Minnesota through 2026. At the time, I discussed how important he is to our future. PJ Fleck needs him so we do to.

At the time, Andy Greder of the Pioneer Press quietly reported Mark Coyle as a wanted man. He did not say what school was after him however…

University of Minnesota Athletics Director Mark Coyle received a raise and a two-year contract extension from the school’s Board of Regents on Friday. This agreement comes as other schools recently have looked into prying Coyle away from Minnesota, a source told the Pioneer Press.

Andy Greder – Pioneer Press

I was able to catch up on Darren Wolfson’s latest podcast earlier today, and found our answer. “The Scoop” airs on SKOR North (1500 AM) if you are driving around the Twin Cities but is also available in podcast form, afterward.

In Doogie’s segment where he “empties his notebook”, he discloses at least one big time school, that was “sniffing around” our AD, Mark Coyle… the USC Trojans.

Coyle + USC interest discussed at 30:27 mark

“Mark Coyle had some interest from USC, going back a few months…

… Some people with The U citing, that there were some schools sniffing around Mark Coyle… that the contract extension made sense. I can tell you one of those schools, I don’t know if there’s more than one, but one of them was USC…”

Darren Wolfson – The Scoop – SKOR North

Let’s not forget that we aren’t that far removed from hearing PJ Fleck’s name surface amid USC coaching searches, so it’s very interesting that they were “sniffing around” our AD, who PJ loves.

It might be even more intriguing that both Coach Fleck and Coyle quickly signed contract extensions with Minnesota, before rumors involving such an iconic school like USC, could even get rolling. That tells me, the two jobs aren’t that different, in the eyes of both guys.

Now, the University of Minnesota just needs to put their money where their mouths are and give PJ Fleck & staff the pay they deserve. Maybe then, his assistants will stop leaving for other schools and we can stop worrying about him doing the same.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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