Athletic Director Mark Coyle Gets Extension at University of Minnesota Through 2026


Gopher Athletics has excelled under Director Coyle’s leadership, not only winning in competition but, more importantly, setting records in the classroom and investing countless hours in community service,” said University President Joan Gabel. “The visibility of those successes have positively reflected the ideals of the University, one of the most important contributions any athletics department can make. What Director Coyle and his team have accomplished gives me great confidence that his department will continue to deliver exceptional results.

University of Minnesota Release

This is massive news. It is ALMOST as big as PJ Fleck getting another extension. Everything has changed in University of Minnesota athletics since Mark Coyle took over… and he landed (and so far has retained) PJ Fleck.

We need to give Mark Coyle whatever he wants and I have a smile glued to my face after seeing this news.

The release doesn’t say anything about a raise but I’d be shocked if he didn’t get one. If you sign an extension because you are doing really well at your job, usually (especially in big time college and professional sports) it comes with a raise.

When those numbers are released, I’ll update this blog.

I’ve said it for a long time. As long as we have Mark Coyle and PJ Fleck heading this athletic department, U of M sports will continue to rise in both performance and academics every year.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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