Timberwolves Draw Jamal Murray’s Favorite Referee for Game 6 vs Nuggets

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Tonight, the Minnesota Timberwolves will play against the Denver Nuggets in a must win game 6. We do not know the status of Mike Conley, at this time, which is a big factor to pay attention to, as we wait for tip-off. One other minor detail to note, the referees include James Williams, Tyler Ford and crew chief Marc Davis.

Minnesota Timberwolves draw referee Marc Davis for game 6

Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this if it was an inconsequential detail. Does the name Marc Davis sound familiar? Would his face look more recognizable if I photoshop Nuggets head coach Mike Malone screaming at him from one inch away? Maybe a full body shot with a Jamal Murray heat pack underneath his feet?

Ring a bell? Yes, the last time the Timberwolves beat the Nuggets, Jamal Murray, Mike Malone and others were so flustered by the sheer suffocation of the Wolves’ defense that, at different times in the game, Malone nearly headbutted him and Murray threw two different items Marc Davis, the same crew chief for tonight’s matchup.

A look back at the beef between Marc Davis and the Denver Nuggets

It was quite the scene in Denver throughout game 2. Davis and his crew were determined to let the two teams play physical, and they set that tone early with very few whistles. Without a doubt, that worked in favor of the Wolves’, given the in-your-face style defense they deployed without Rudy Gobert in the lineup.

But Marc and his crew didn’t just swallow their whistles that night, regarding contact between players. Davis was nearly headbutted by Malone early in the contest. Much later, Murray quite literally threw his own temper tantrum from the bench, actually flinging both a towel and a heat pack at their favorite crew chief.

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All Murray received for his above actions was a $100,000 fine, which is the same fine that Rudy Gobert received for flashing the money signs at referees during a regular season game earlier in the year. Oh, they the NBA slapped another one of those on Rudy this week too. Apparently tossing money signs at referees is equally as egregious as tossing physical objects.

But now, the Jamal Murray heat pack throw feels like it happened eons ago. After dropping three-straight, the Minnesota Timberwolves sit in danger of their 2023-24 season coming to an end on Thursday night, if they can’t force a game 7.

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Anthony Edwards pretty much guaranteed a victory to a Ball Arena employee before they left Denver the other day, which is pretty much the same as what Joe Namath did all those years ago. Plus, the sportsbooks are on their side too. What could go wrong, right?

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