Unhinged Jamal Murray Throws Heat Pack onto Court; Suspension Incoming?

Jamal Murray, Minnesota Timberwolves at Denver Nuggets
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The Minnesota Timberwolves absolutely manhandled the Denver Nuggets (on the road without Rudy Gobert) on Monday night, in what might be the most impressive defensive showing of NBA Playoff history.

Minnesota’s defense was so frustrating that the defending champion Nuggets completely lost their minds. No really, head coach Mike Malone was throwing temper tantrums (see bottom of this article), Nikola Jokic’s nose was even more red and puffy than normal… and Jamal Murray threw a heat pack onto the court. Not one of them was T’d up.

Jamal Murray throws heat pack onto the court

The more you think about this, the crazier it is. Throwing a heat pack onto the court in hopes of hurting people is unhinged behavior. Anyway, the Minnesota Timberwolves went on to win 106-80, all thanks to a defensive effort that has the Nuggets in huge trouble heading back to Minneapolis for game 3, down 2-0.

The question now is what the punishment will be for Jamal Murray. There are a lot of people in media and around basketball who are expecting Murray to get suspended for game 3. No doubt he will be fined, but if Murray doesn’t play on Friday, how are the Nuggets going to have any chance of climbing back into this series?

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How Murray and his head coach Mike Malone didn’t receive one technical foul between the two of them on Monday night is astounding. But whatever, the Wolves didn’t need their help anyway.

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