The Latest Andrew Wiggins’ Quotes Will Boil Your Blood

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Why the fuck do I let Andrew Wiggins get to me? 

At this point, I’m convinced that every word he utters on the record is meant to troll me. I’ve written at length about Wiggins’ bullshit and I’m done trying to find ways to make him succeed. Trading him is the only way to fix the situation. The comments he made to Chris Hine (Star Tribune) recently should cement his below-average NBA future, in your mind (if it’s not already).

– How was your season, Andrew?

“I feel like it was an OK season. Not the best, not the worst. It was OK.”

– Does the PoBO/Coaching Search Weigh on You At All, Andrew?

“I’m a basketball player. No matter what they do, my job is just to go out there, and that’s what I’m going to do. I can’t control what happens.”

– How do you see next year playing out, Andrew?

“The season didn’t end how we wanted it to end,” Wiggins said. “But next year I think will be a great year for us.”

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read these trash quotes. 

You think you played “ok” this season, Andrew? WTF planet do you live on that you’re that fucking delusional to reality? Everyone around you admits that you need to bring more, since you aren’t even outplaying a mid-level deal but you’re one of the highest paid players in the NBA… yet you either refuse to admit anything in an interview because you’re duller than the baige wall in my empty bedroom, or you actually believe the shit falling out of your mouth… I’m not sure which is worse.

How about the next quote? “I can’t control what happens.” Do I even need to address this? Andrew Wiggins’ pussyitis, in addition to his massive contract, are why Jimmy never worked here, why we can’t sign anyone of importance and why I would never want a front office job in this godforsaken franchise.

The last quote really boils my blood. “Next year I think will be a great year for us.”

On what fucking planet? Is Andrew going to go out and persuade a superstar to play for the Timberwolves under a veteran exemption contract? Is he going to find a gear himself, that is worth his enormous contract? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Andrew Wiggins is a joke and the Timberwolves will be too, until they find a way to unload him on a frachise that is stupider than ours.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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