Andrew Wiggins Needs to Play More Point Guard

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As you probably already know, the Timberwolves went into LA last night and beat the LeBron Jamesless Lakers to claim their 3rd win in a row and climb back to a .500 record.

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I’ll be honest with you right from the start… I didn’t watch most of this game. That’s what happens when you get up between 3-5 AM every morning. Finishing games that start at 9:30 isn’t happening.

However, I woke up and finished the #MSFdaily graphic you saw above when I switched over to this morning’s Star Tribune and read Chris Hine‘s postgamer. That’s where I ran into this:

It also helped that the two principals for the Wolves, Andrew Wiggins and Towns, fed off the energy their teammates gave them, with Wiggins taking over the game early in the fourth quarter. He scored nine of the first 12 points of the fourth quarter on his way to 23 points while Towns finished with 27. With Rose out, Wiggins also took over point-guard duties at times and looked like a natural doing it.

“It feels good and I feel very comfortable because I feel like it helps me stay locked into the game,” Wiggins said. “It helps to do other things than just score, create for others.”

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Wow.. could it have been that good? Andrew has never been know for his distribution skills. UPS isn’t recruiting him for when his playing career is over.

Well, they might be after last night.

CAUTION: Watching this had me at full-erection status… (video is Wiggins’ full game highlights – scrub to 1:07 for PG play at start of 4th quarter)

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It’s nice to hear that Andrew knows he has issues keeping his motor revved up. He’s right too. And, who better to believe that playing PG is good for his game than Wiggins himself. So make it happen.

Don’t tell me it’s a small sample size because I don’t care! 

Andrew Wiggins’ game looks beautiful again when he moves to point guard. And, look at his passing… He’s Ricky fucking Rubio… I just wrote about my frustration for on Wiggins and my hands were pretty much up in the air. If you weren’t going to make him the centerpiece of your offense, was he ever going to help you make a deep playoff run???

If you hadn’t watched him before last night then the answer would be a resounding “YES”.

He looks like a natural with the ball in his hands as the guy who makes the decisions. And, when he’s the one running the offense he actively looks for others. He seems to find that balance between when to attack and when to pass. Let’s be honest, most defenders aren’t taking Wiggins 1-1 so helpers are going to leave shooters open..

It might be the perfect fit so let’s find out. 

The only way to find out is for Andrew to play more at that position. Ryan Saunders needs to identify this and probe it all weekend. Derrick Rose got hurt last night and it seems as though he may sidelined tonight along with Jeff Teague and Tyus Jones.


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Ryan should play Wiggins A LOT at PG tonight vs the Jazz if that’s the case, especially when KAT is off of the floor. We’ve been waiting to see something in Andrew and if playing him at PG has any chance of being that “ah-ha” moment, then we need to investigate immediately.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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