Swaggy P Implores Timberwolves to Run it Back

Nick Young
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Following a historic playoff run that took them all the way to the Western Conference Finals, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ season came to an end with a 1-4 series loss to the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks will now move on to compete for the Larry O’Brien Trophy vs the Boston Celtics.

Meanwhile, the Wolves now face a very challenging offseason ahead. Everyone wants to know whether or not they will break up their current big three of Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert, in order to avoid paying copious amounts in luxury tax penalties.

Nick Young (Swaggy P) chimes in on Minnesota Timberwolves future

Nick Young, better known as “Swaggy P”, enjoyed a solid decade-long career in the NBA, playing for teams like the Wizards, 76ers, Clippers, Lakers, Warriors, and Nuggets. He even snagged a championship with the Warriors and nearly wifed up Iggy Azalea… until D’Angelo Russell ruined it.

Now, Young is weighing in on what the Minnesota Timberwolves should do with their core roster this summer, and he is imploring Tim Connelly not to overreact to their Western Conference Finals disappointment, keep the core together, pick up another “hooper” and trust the process.

“T Wolves pls dnt trade nobody pls just go get a jordan clarkson or Poole party yall one hooper away from a ship and maybe you can get a tj McCollum to”

Nick Young – @nickswagypyoung – X

Swaggy P believes the Timberwolves should avoid making any blockbuster trades and instead focus on keeping their current roster intact. He suggests they should aim to acquire a player like Jordan Clarkson, Jordan Poole, or even consider adding CJ McCollum to strengthen the team.

Swaggy P might have a point here. If the Timberwolves manage to maintain their core lineup and snag another reliable starter, there’s a real chance they could be playing in June next season.

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All the players he mentioned are still under contract for at least the next season, so they would need to be acquired through a trade. These aren’t players on bargain contracts.

To get them, Minnesota might have to part ways with someone like Naz Reid or Jaden McDaniels, who are on reasonable deals. Alternatively, they could opt to unload a bundle of draft picks and a solid role player, especially if they’re wary of diving into luxury tax territory. But for now, enjoy this Swaggy P highlight reel.

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