Glen Taylor Expected to Hold Final Say on Timberwolves Offseason

Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore vs Glen Taylor - Minnesota Timberwolves ownership battle
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While the NBA Finals have still yet to be completed, the Minnesota Timberwolves can now turn their focus to the offseason. Having bowed out of the Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, the Wolves need to make sure they build on the success from 2023-24.

Following the success from one of the greatest seasons in franchise history won’t be easy, especially given all of the uncertainty facing this organization. For months now we have heard about the ongoing ownership battle between Glen Taylor and his once contracted successors, Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez. It’s a deal that was multiple years in the making, but fell apart and now sits in litigation.

Glen Taylor expected to be in control of Minnesota Timberwolves’ offseason

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With narratives surrounding cash flow and cold feed, the new pair and incumbent majority owner, Glen Taylor, are at odds over who broke what clause in their purchase agreement. And while all of that is fought out in court this summer, the organization will remain in the hands of Minnesota’s richest person.

And because the ownership battle isn’t expected to be settled imminently, it’ll most likely be Glen Taylor will hold final say on all the major decisions facing the Minnesota Timberwolves over the next few months.

Decisions that include an NBA Draft, where the Wolves have two picks in the top 40; Luxury tax payments that most organizations shy away from… oh, and more importantly, a looming opt out in President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly’s contract.

While the ownership dispute plays out, Taylor remains in full control. He intends to meet with Connelly to discuss his future now that the season is over, team sources said. Connelly will have to make his decision before the dispute is resolved.

“I’ve had a blast here. It feels like we have roots here. … That’s the goal,” Connelly said Friday about his future. “It’s been a great couple of years, and hopefully, we can make it a much longer couple of years.”

Meanwhile, there is unlikely to be any real progress on the ownership front before the Wolves enter the draft at the end of June or free agency in July.

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It shouldn’t come as a shock, but the Minnesota Timberwolves competing ownership parties certainly aren’t fans of each other. With Rodriguez and Lore likely of the belief that Glen Taylor is backing out after his asset grew in value, neither have much positive thoughts of the aging franchise staple.

Of course, Taylor is a Minnesotan, and that means confrontation is probably not in his wheelhouse. Rather employing a passive aggressiveness towards his adversaries. He reportedly tried to hug A-Rod at one point during the playoffs and the former Twins killer “rebuffed” his attempt.

Things are getting uncomfortable in Timberwolves front office

The most concerning parts of the ownership battle seem to be unfolding within the basketball operations department where high level employees don’t seem comfortable with the uncertainty and awkwardness on who is the boss and how close they can get with Alex Rodriguez or Marc Lore before Glen gets upset, etc. Disaster status.

The uncertainty has put a strain on the entire Wolves operation, from the business and marketing sides to the basketball operations department.

“We’re all caught in the middle,” one Wolves employee said on condition of anonymity because employees are not authorized to speak publicly on the situation.

That makes mapping out the future of this team more complicated than it normally would be, especially for a roster that is about to get expensive.

Shams Charania and Jon Krawczynski – The Athletic

What the Minnesota Timberwolves do with their returning roster, how much luxury tax they are ok with, and how funds are allocated across the board, all remain important decisions to be made.

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It remains to be seen how this whole situation plays out, and whether ownership will actually trade hands, but one of the most important offseason’s in franchise history is going to be marred by uncertainty.

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