Vikings Want to Talk Extension with Dalvin Cook… Once the Draft is Over

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Spielman gave us his strong opinion on Stefon Diggs today, but that wasn’t the only player he touched on, while meeting with media at the NFL Combine this morning. Spielman also gave us an insight to his thinking on some other hot topics around Vikings nation.

There are a lot of rumors floating about Dalvin Cook holding out without a new contract. This isn’t a rumor that people should just shake off. We’ll see what happens with the CBA but the NFLPA has been putting pressure on high profile running backs to hold out for the cause of all running backs across the league, since their shelf life is so much less than other positions.

Often, running backs have seen their best years before their rookie contracts are over, especially if drafted in the first round like Ezekial Elliot was. Now, Dalvin wasn’t drafted in the first round. He was drafted #41 overall. Still, his holdout is a real threat.

It sounds like spielman will do his best to accomplish an extension before the Vikings and Cook have to worry about that… but those talks won’t take place before the draft.

Spielman says that’s normal procedure for him. I’m sure it is. You want to see what you can get in the draft, especially at running back, before you commit to Cook long-term. However, with Mattison still on roster, people could still take that the wrong way.

The Vikings rely more heavily on Cook and their running game, not to mention what he does for our passing game (which relies heavily on play-action), than just about any other team in the league. Just for appearance purposes, you almost need Dalvin on your team.

The question of course, just like it will be with everyone this offseason, is what he will ask for and how the Vikings will possibly be able to afford it…

Activity of all kinds picks up this week as all GM’s and agents are rubbing shoulders with one another, and the more that these questions pile up, the more it seems apparent that Spielman will have to make some sort of groundbreaking move that clears cap for the immediate and long-term future.

I’d sure think a Kirk Cousins extension/restructure is likely on the horizon too… the Vikings need to do it just for the cap relief. But, Rick isn’t talking about that.

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