Rick Spielman Says ‘There’s No Reason to Think Stefon Diggs Will Not Be Member of Vikings’

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Rick Spielman just told everyone exactly what we expected him to say about Stefon Diggs, while meeting with the media at the NFL Draft Combine. I also like that he threw in a couple double-negatives so we can add our own fun speculation!

It’s, in all honesty, the perfect comment.

Of course we don’t expect Stefon Diggs to be on his way out. If he was on his way out, I don’t expect Rick Spielman to tell us that was the case. However, it comes down to what Stefon Diggs wants. I want Stefon Diggs here all day and for the rest of his contract but if he isn’t happy, he will blow up the locker room. He proved that last season. You cannot let that happen.

Spielman also talked and joked more in-depth on this subject with Paul Allen and Paul Charchian on KFAN before his podium gathering. He pretty much said the same thing, but also said he will meet with Diggs’ agent this week, while at the combine.

This isn’t a surprise, given these meetings happen a lot between agents and GM’s at the combine, because all of them have to be there. Adam Thielen’s agent, Blake Baratz said Friday on “The Scoop” with Darren Wolfson (SKOR North), that he will meet with all 32 NFL teams this week.

If it’s not going to be Stefon, it has to be someone… and the clock is ticking down on the league year, which starts March 18.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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