New MLB + Roku Deal Gives Bally-less Twins Fans Some Free Games to Watch

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue Jays
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The Minnesota Twins started out as one of the most disappointing teams of the 2024 Major League Baseball season, but they have rebounded in rather miraculous fashion, to become one of the most exciting teams in the American League.

Sometime during that process, however, Bally Sports and Comcast failed to find common ground on a contract extension. That, along with untimely budgetary decisions by the Twins in the months prior, has left tens of thousands of fans without Twins games on their TV for the foreseeable future.

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But the MLB finally did something right on Monday when they announced a multi-year partnership with Roku that grants exclusive rights for ‘Sunday Leadoff’ games. This new deal with will replace the expiring deal they had in place with Peacock. Unlike the add-on package you had to pay for with Peacock, however, Roku brings all of the action for free.

Minnesota Twins on Roku for select Sunday nights

While the current debacle that is Bally Sports, Comcast, and the Minnesota Twins pours on, with vast amounts of the fanbase unable to watch one of the hottest teams in all of baseball, at least this Roku deal is good news.

Anyone can download the app on just about any smart TV or streaming device and the Roku app has all sorts of free streaming options. Sunday Leadoff is just the latest.

Of course Roku isn’t specifically concerned about the Twins themselves, but it is notable that the Twins are only one of a few teams (Arizona, Cincinnati) who have three Sunday night features in this new deal.

With Sunday Leadoff Live games heading to Roku starting this Sunday, May 19, the Twins will first appear on June 2nd against the Houston Astros, followed by a July 21st game with the Milwaukee Brewers, and finally a September 15th matchup with the Cincinnati Reds.

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It remains to be seen how long the current dispute between Bally and Comcast will wage on, but there’s no clear indication that it will end anytime soon. Also interesting: Peacock, which previously held rights to MLB’s Sunday night games, is a Comcast product. You can’t help but wonder if these contract disputes aren’t somehow connected.

Roku does Minnesota Twins games for free

Although the problems between Bally Sports, Comcast, and the Minnesota Twins all revolve around money, the dollars with Roku are being dealt with through Major League Baseball. This new offering comes entirely free to the consumer. Roku devices are not only extremely prevalent already, but even without one, you simply need to download The Roku Channel app and search for “MLB Leadoff.”

The game’s will also be available live via the Roku mobile app, and a replay will be available if you miss the game live. users will still be able to watch any action on Sunday Leadoff Games as there are no blackouts incorporated between the services.

This is a big win for baseball fans looking for enhanced streaming options to catch their favorite teams, and with the Twins actively looking to shut out their viewers, a new door has opened even if it’s just for a three game period.

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