How Can Comcast Xfinity Customers Watch the Minnesota Twins on Bally Sports North?

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Well, another television provider has allowed their rights contract with Diamond Sports Group (Bally Sports) expire. So this afternoon, when thousands of Comcast Xfinity customers try to turn on Bally Sports North across the state of Minnesota and the surrounding area so they can watch their red-hot Minnesota Twins… they will not see the game. Instead, they will see this message.

This isn’t just happening locally, though. Every Bally Sports regional network across the United States shut down at midnight. Nashville Predators fans, for example, had their playoff game shut off at the end of the second period. Let’s just say that their are a lot of unhappy sports fans across the landscape today.

Who’s to blame: Diamond Sports Group (Bally) or Minnesota Twins?

Back to Minnesota, where a lot of Twins fans are arguing Wednesday over who deserves more blame for the Twins games, specifically, no longer being available. Of course, the local-nine aren’t involved in contract negotiations between Diamond Sports Group and Comcast.

But, they did have a chance to cut bait with Bally Sports this offseason. Instead of ditching Bally, though, and hosting their own games via MLB.TV or finding another provider, they went back to Bally Sports North for one more year. Why? Money.

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It wasn’t the $60+ million that they received per year in their previous contract with Bally Sports. But it is believed to be around 80% of that. Where as, had they gone out on their own, they would not have been able to guarantee they get that revenue back. So, the Twins chose money over fan happiness. Yes, the Pohlads. Shocking, right?

What TV and streaming providers offer Bally Sports North?

Anyway, onto more productive conversations. Xfinity customers who lost access to the Minnesota Twins today have a couple of options if they still want to watch their team play games on TV: Fubo TV or DirecTV.

Fubo is what I subscribe to and I love it. You can try it out for seven days free HERE. Service is billed month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

There are no other cable TV providers for Xfinity customers to switch to. That’s because only one cable provider is allowed in each area. If you have Xfinity, then Charter or COX (etc) won’t be available to you.

The only other options for Comcast Xfinity customers, outside of Fubo, is to get a satellite dish on their roof. If you’d prefer DirecTV, but want to avoid the satellite part, they do offer a stream-only option, as well.

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