Rocco Baldelli Would Bet on Twins Making a Significant Move Before Spring Training

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Spring Training is less than a month away and the Minnesota Twins are getting prepared for their annual ‘Twinsfest’ celebration at Target Field this weekend. But on Wednesday, Rocco Baldelli joined KFAN Radio‘s drivetime afternoon show with longtime newspaper reporter turned radio host, Dan Barreiro.

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From the moment he cracked the mic, Minnesota’s manager was anything but robotic, even dropping an F-bomb at one point. As Dan has been known to do, he peppered Rocco with all the pertinent questions surrounding the Twins offseason and their plan for 2024, along with his own managerial style and what makes him tick.

Rocco Baldelli would bet on Minnesota Twins still making a significant move

After discussing the slow offseason, not just for the Twins but across baseball, Barreiro asked Baldelli if it’s possible that a trade is still in the works. “There’s still time between now and Spring Training”, Dan said. Rocco’s reply: “I’d bet on it”.

Barreiro: “Could there be another trade coming? I mean, Spring Training is still a ways off. I mean, it’s not like there’s any rules that say you got to know your rotation right now. Right? You don’t start till April.”

Baldelli: “I’d bet on it. I would bet on it, because we’ve always done something almost every year. Between this point in the offseason and the first Spring Training game, we’ve made significant moves virtually every year going back to Marwin Gonzalez, signing Donovan Solano last year, who was a pretty, pretty important player for us, right?

Oh really? While it’s not shocking to hear that the Minnesota Twins are still planning to make moves, it’s a little bit eyebrow raising to hear/see a manager be so direct about the front office’s likelihood of making a move.

Twins pushing for fans to stay patient

Remember, Derek Falvey went on the record and all but announced early on that the Twins have four veterans on the trade block, three of which will be at Twinsfest this weekend. Still, you don’t make public proclamations like that unless you plan on following through.

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And Rocco Baldelli is right, Derek Falvey and the Twins front office has become notorious for waiting out the offseason market and striking sometime between January and March. So, we’ll wait. But Baldelli reiterated that he believes the wait will pay off.

“…when the opportunities are in front of us, [we] have to be ready to strike. We don’t know when those opportunities are going to be there, but they will be there.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be today. But I would definitely anticipate us doing something.”

Rocco Baldelli – KFAN Radio
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