Minnesota Twins Will Not Trade Polanco, Farmer or Kepler for Prospects

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It’s now January 20, meaning teams around Major League Baseball will be convening all along the southern border of America in one month for an annual baseball tradition like no other, Spring Training. So… why does it feel like the Minnesota Twins’ offseason hasn’t even started yet?

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Outside of signing relief pitcher, Josh Staumont, the Twins have done pretty next to nothing for the last couple months. At the start of the MLB offseason, we were told by president of baseball operations, Derek Falvey, that he’d be shopping veterans like Jorge Polanco (2B), Max Kepler (RF) and Kyle Farmer (IF), all of whom play positions that have exciting young talents ready for big league roles.

Will Jorge Polanco, Max Kepler and Kyle Farmer be at Spring Training?

But it doesn’t seem like Falvey is overly concerned about pushing out the old, in favor of more playing time for the future. Minnesota’s PoBO sat down with Dan Hayes (The Athletic) and admitted the Twins are in no hurry to make their moves. And if that means taking this exact roster into Spring Training, then that’s what they’ll do.

“One of the things I’ve gotten more comfortable with, and more used to, is the reality [that] there’s no bow [to put] on an offseason [where your team] shows up in spring training and you’re good to go. It’s not been like that for as many years as I can remember, at this point. We’ll continue to evolve the way our roster looks, the way we think about it, probably going into camp. That’s just a reality of our situation and where we are.”

The Athletic

But let’s be real. High-ceiling prospects like Edouard Julien, Brooks Lee and Matt Wallner are all beating the door down looking for more MLB at-bats in 2024. And as of now, it could be argued that none of the three have MLB roster spots available.

Minnesota Twins facing at major 2024 roster logjam

As long as Jorge Polanco is healthy and on roster, he will be the Minnesota Twins’ 2nd baseman. With Carlos Correa and Royce Lewis already occupying the left side of the infield, Julien would be left fighting with Alex Kirilloff for innings at 1st base and as the team’s designated hitter. And good luck finding a role for Kyle Farmer, outside of paying him $6 million to be a great dugout/clubhouse leader.

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Matt Wallner? Yeah, he might slide in as Opening Day left fielder, even if Max Kepler is in a Twins uniform and playing in right field. But Wallner would be far from a shoe-in for 500+ at-bats, as long as Max is still on roster. There aren’t enough to go around with Julien (DH), Alex Kirilloff (1B, DH, OF), Kepler (RF) and others all needing innings.

Are Twins decision-makers really going to suppress the growth of their most important prospects, because they are stubborn on their asking price for aging veterans they no longer have future plans for? Falvey says yes, because until another team offers a requisite package with proven big league talents that can make the Twins better in 2024, they aren’t interested in making a deal.

Twins are not interested in your prospect trade packages

Sources inside the organization have made it very clear to Hayes. They do not want a package in return for any of their available veterans. Bring them a high-caliber starting pitcher, center field help or both. Otherwise, keep your phone in your pocket and have fun picking through what’s left in the free agency scrap pile.

Multiple team sources said the Twins won’t simply dump the salaries of Polanco, who’s set to earn $10.5 million this season with a $12 million club option for 2025, or Farmer, who avoided arbitration by agreeing to a $6.3 million contract earlier this month. Nor is the team looking to move either player or outfielder Max Kepler, who will make $10 million, for prospects. The Twins instead are looking to swap need for need, which means the club could head to spring training or even into the season with one too many infielders.

Dan Hayes – The Athletic

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It’s not surprising that Derek Falvey has become very comfortable with waiting out the MLB offseason. It’s something the Twins have been doing for the last few years. Correa was signed in early-January last year and Luis Arraez was traded less than two weeks later. Michael A. Taylor and Donovan Solano were both brought in very late in the offseason process, too.

And don’t forget about the Taylor Rogers for Chris Paddack and Emilio Pagan trade, which happened in April 2022. In other words, something will probably get done. It could happen today, tomorrow or after the Twins convene in Fort Myers, but there are moves coming down the chute eventually.

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