PJ Fleck Co-Authoring “Row The Boat” Book

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Minnesota Gophers head football coach, PJ Fleck, is well-known around the state of Minnesota sports as a constantly positive, uplifting voice who doesn’t have an “OFF” button. From his post-game press conferences to his pre-game locker room speeches, Fleck brings an unlimited amount of energy and leadership wherever he goes. PJ’s always rowing the boat.

But the 40-year-old coach brings it off the field too. One of Fleck’s euphemisms, “the most difficult part of being the standard, is that you’re always the standard”, will slap you in the face when you meet him. The meaning: when people are always looking up to you, relaxing your virtues isn’t an option. How can you demand greatness from others, if you aren’t always demanding it of yourself? The man is always on-point and that’s the standard he’s set for himself.

Well, Fleck is bringing some of his leadership qualities (and many of his sayings, I’m sure) into book form. That’s right, the Minnesota Gophers football coach has partnered with a well-known “self-help/leadership” author, Jon Gordon, on a book that will release this summer. If I give you one guess at the title, you’ll get it.

“Row the Boat”

Book Summary via Amazon (Pre-order Now)

In Row the Boat, Minnesota Golden Gophers Head Coach P.J. Fleck and bestselling author Jon Gordon deliver an inspiring message about what you can achieve when you approach life with a never-give-up philosophy. The book shows you how to choose enthusiasm and optimism as your guiding lights instead of being defined by circumstances and events outside of your control.

Discover how to put the three key components of row the boat into practice in your life:

  • The Oar: The energy. Only you can dictate whether your oar is in the water or whether you take it out and decide not to use it.
  • The Boat: The sacrifice. The more you give, serve, and make your life about helping others, the better and more fulfilled your life will be, and the bigger your boat gets.
  • The Compass: The direction. The vision you have for your life and the people you surround yourself with help create the dream of where you want to go.

Perfect for athletes, coaches, business leaders, and anyone else who hopes to squeeze a little more enjoyment and productivity out of life, Row the Boat will propel leaders, teams, and organizations to greater heights than they have ever reached before.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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