PJ Fleck Might Inspire the Cure for COVID-19 with His Leadership


If you need a pick-me-up at any moment in your life, there is a speech out there somewhere from PJ Fleck, that can make you feel better. Just do a Google search and feel the negativity leave your body. He sets the standard of positivity.

But the most difficult thing about being the standard… is that you’re the standard. So, how would PJ set the standard, as mass Americans struggle with the reality of their lives for the first time in this generation? When I clicked play on this video for the first time, I expected to feel better. Instead, I want to save the world.

Fleck reminds us, that this is just another situation of life. The world isn’t going back to what we remember as “normal”. But with every situation, comes opportunity. And this is an opportunity for EVERY SINGLE citizen to affect the outcome.

From a situation, creates opportunity. So for us, it’s about how we’re going to be able to respond to this. How are we going to be able to get back to this “norm”? Everybody wants to keep chasing this “norm”.

‘When’s “normal” coming back?’

I’ve got news for you. Normal’s NOT coming back.

Whatever your view of “normal” is, it’s not coming back. There are going to be ways and things that we implement, that becomes the new norm. But, if you’re afraid of that, who says the new norm can’t be better?

Why can’t our world be better?

Why can’t our nation be better?

Why can’t we continue to grow?

Why can’t we be intentional with our intentions, to make this a better world after we get through this?

Who’s to say it’s got to be worse?

Who’s to say the economy’s got to go back?

We all have a role in this. We can all row the boat together. We can all take our problems, look at them as situations, and create these opportunities that make this world better.

PJ Fleck on The Pat McAfee Show (above)

Are you ready to row your boat right through the wall yet? Are you ready to go out into the world and cure it from coronavirus? I know I am… Who the fuck needs a medical, science, or economics degree when you have PJ Fleck?

Fuck, congress and the media believes they can fix the world without any of those degrees and they don’t even have PJ Fleck to motivate them…

Our fearless leader wasn’t quite finished yet, though. Remember, unlike almost any other moment in history… YOU will affect the outcome of the world. The decisions made by every single American right now, will play into how the next few months unfold.

Here’s the one thing… We all effect this.

Every single one of us have an impact of how we actually change the future of this nation. When has that ever happened? I mean… maybe, The Revolution? The Civil War?

Other than that, when have we had an opportunity where all of us have a chance to actually move forward together and make this nation better? I think we can do that… if we do it together and row the boat.

PJ Fleck on The Pat McAfee Show (above)

That’s powerful.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan