Patrick Beverley Mad at How Much Wolves’ Locker Room Culture Has Deteriorated

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The Minnesota Timberwolves played a really good three quarters in their first play-in game vs the Lakers on Tuesday night. But cold 4th quarter/OT shooting and multiple absences/injuries caught up with them in the end and they lost 108-102.

Timberwolves drama boiling over lately

Now, the Wolves have to win Friday in order to make the final 8-team Western Conference playoff field and extend their season. Who knows if they will get it done. The only thing we know for sure about the 2022-23 Wolves is that anything can happen.

Win or lose, this team will be remembered as an underachieving locker room mess. Rudy Gobert punched Kyle Anderson because he was saying really terrible things about him. Jaden McDaniels is punching walls. The locker room appears to be a complete mess.

Patrick Beverley mad about Timberwolves culture deterioration

And nobody is more mad about the Wolves culture deterioration than former Timberwolf, Patrick Beverley, who used a dorm room analogy to describe how everything inside the locker room has crumbled since he was traded away.

“You do something special in your dorm. You might have the sickest study groups, you might have the sickest parties. You might have the sickest gaming nights. You know what I’m saying? Your dorm room is special. You kept it nice, you kept it clean. Even if it was fucked up before you got it. You got it, you took that thing, you polished it, you made it clean.

You made it ok for people to go to. Because people weren’t going to no damn Minnesota. You made it ok, you actually made it lit. And to come do that… fuck up my dorm like that? Man, it ain’t right. I don’t deserve that. The fans don’t deserve that.”

Patrick Beverley (Pat Bev Podcast)
Who is Patrick Beverley mad at?

Bev goes on to say that nobody associated with the franchise deserves what has happened since he left. What remains unclear is who Patrick Beverley blames for the locker room downfall. He seems to feel bad for everyone and mad at someone. But who? It’s hard to tell.

“Again, the dorm was good. I come back to the dorm and the dorm is fucked up. Obviously [they are] dealing with injuries but [the dorm] ain’t the way I had it. It ain’t the way I left it. And that’s unfortunate.”

Patrick Beverley (Pat Bev Podcast)
Bev lived in a different Wolves 2021-22 dorm room than what I remember…

Bev has some good points and, obviously, this wouldn’t be a talker if the Minnesota Timberwolves locker room and culture was in good shape. He was the glue that held the roster together last season.

Still, he had gotten on the last nerves of multiple people within the Wolves organization by the time he left. The dorm room he looked after last season was far messier and less in-tact than he remembers.

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