‘Pardon My Take’ Finds Kirk Cousins Frustratingly Likeable in Podcast Interview

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Kirk Cousins has come out of his shell a bit this season. He’s doing more interviews with media outside of his regularly scheduled press conferences. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback clearly feels more comfortable giving in-depth answers, when questions might call for it. He’s more jovial and laid back, too, when situation presents itself.

And as he blossoms right before our eyes, the haters around football are struggling for reasons to dislike Kirk Cousins. Two of those people, Barstool Big Cat and PFT Commenter, work at Barstool Sports and co-host one of the most popular sports podcasts in the world, ‘Pardon My Take’ (transcript below).

‘Kirk, did you kill ‘The Griddy’?’

Big Cat’s question was first. “I saw, when you were in London after the game, you did The Griddy off the field. Do you think you killed The Griddy? It’s not cool anymore after you did it.”

Kirk: Hahahaha, uhh… I haven’t seen the tape! So, I gotta see the tape and then I can give you a better answer. But no, no. There’s room for improvement. There ‘s always room for improvement. We can all be better, Big Cat. But I gotta watch the tape, certainly.

But I would agree, that anything I do is no longer cool. If I wear a plaid button down to week one, you know, it looks like I got it from Kohl’s. But if Justin Jefferson wears that same plaid button down to next week’s press conference, everybody in Minnesota is buying a plaid button down.

So, I’m fully aware of that. I don’t want to do anything to tarnish The Griddy. It’s got a lot of momentum right now. It’s probably best if I just stay away from it.

Big Cat: I hate that you have that self-awareness there. Because that makes me… Ok, alright that was a good answer. That’s a good answer to my one question, goddamn it.

Pardon My Take Podcast (Barstool Sports)
Stop being so likeable

Barstool Big Cat is a Chicago Bears fan and PFT Commenter is a life-long Washington Commanders (formerly ‘Football Team’; formerly ‘Redskins’) fan. Both have obvious reasons to find ever reason possible to dislike Kirk Cousins.

Well, ‘Pardon My Take’ has a new weekly segment they’ve dubbed “One Question with a Quarterback”. — RULES: One question for everyone involved, including the guest QB. But no follow-up questions allowed for anyone

The two co-hosts (who personally total over 2.6 million followers on Twitter alone) saw this as a perfect opportunity to box Kirk Cousins into an answer that would come off unlikeable. Unfortunately for them, the interaction didn’t go as planned.

You see, Kirk is more likeable now than he ever has been before. And slowly but surely, as long as he plays well and leads the Minnesota Vikings to the playoffs, people will start to change their opinions on him, including Big Cat and PFT. Here’s the entire interview. PFT Commenter’s question was, “How much money do you have?”.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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