O’Connell Took Anti-Zimmer Approach to Kirk Cousins Catching Coronavirus

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Kirk Cousins and former Minnesota Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer, had a well-documented rocky relationship, during their four seasons together from 2018-2021. Those days are now over, and we’re reminded of that reality on a near-daily basis.

Including Friday, when current head coach Kevin O’Connell gave an update on Kirk Cousins, who was excused from practice on Thursday due to an undisclosed illness. After further testing, it was confirmed that Kirk caught the coronavirus, which will force him to miss Sunday’s preseason game vs the Las Vegas Raiders.

Times at TCO are changing…

Last year, this announcement would’ve been followed by a number of clickable quotes and montage worthy sound bytes from Zimmer, regarding his disappointment in all who remain unvaccinated. But not under new head coach, Kevin O’Connell, who praised Kirk for how he handled the situation.

“Kirk [Cousins] did indeed test positive for COVID. He’s feeling pretty darn good, very limited symptoms. He’s wearing me out about the install of the game plan for Sunday. Unfortunately, he will not make the trip. We’re gonna let him rest up and get ready to go. He should, by protocol standards, be back Tuesday morning, ready to roll for our [joint practices with the 49ers]. As always, we’ll keep you guys posted. I like the way he handled it, reporting the symptoms and going through our in-house process that we have here. I’m proud of the way the guys did that. Ultimately, he’s looking out for his teammates and making sure that we get him back and ready to roll as soon as possible.” – Kevin O’Connell

Not only did Kevin O’Connell not blame Kirk Cousins, or any other unvaccinated players, for the mere existence of COVID-19. But KOC praised Kirk’s unselfishness and the way he handled the entire situation. Oh, Coach Kevin also mentioned how much he and Cousins have talked since yesterday. Something that would’ve never happened this time last year.

Again, we’re living in a different Minnesota Vikings world this season.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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