Never Call Everson Griffen a “Good Player”; Mike Zimmer Should Know Better

The Minnesota Vikings host the Detroit Lions this weekend and there’s a lot riding on the game. Last weekend vs Green Bay, the purple showed a spark that has left shards of hope lying around TCO Performance Center. But a 2-5 record means optimism stays on the shelf for now.

There’s a lot on Mike Zimmer’s plate these days. Beyond the normal preparation for an NFL game that he will be calling defensive plays in, there’s also the constant stress COVID-19 brings to pro sports in 2020. Who will play… who won’t? What will tomorrow’s tests bring, etc.

Oh, and Zimmer sits on a head coaching seat that gets hotter with every loss he accumulates.

Never Call Everson Griffen a “Good Player”…

But Everson Griffen doesn’t care about any of that. He’s upset. Remember, the former Viking was traded from Dallas to Detroit just days ago. Sunday will be the first time he has played against his former team. When Zimmer was doing an interview with media earlier this week, he was asked about Griffen. Here’s what he said.

That’s a pretty standard Mike Zimmer quote. He probably thought that last part was quite the laugher.

Unfortunately, Everson Griffen did not find it funny. He wasn’t upset that Zimmer wished him good luck, “other than this week”. Nah, that quote was fine. Griffen just really hates being called a “good player”. Who doesn’t, right?


I completely understand why Griffen is so upset. Nobody likes being told that they are good at something they do professionally. That’s how I stay motivated with my blogging. People keep on telling me how good I am at this… and those compliments just make me more determined to prove them wrong.

Everyone needs that chip on their shoulder.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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