Vikings Beat Packers in Lambeau So I Think We Celebrate Now?

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Welcome to Minnesota where nothing ever happens like it’s supposed to. Today, it was a Vikings victory in Lambeau vs the Green Bay Packers that, before it happened, I would have told you was impossible. But sometimes I forget what sports town I’m sitting in.

The Vikings didn’t reinvent the wheel in this win. That adds to the intrigue. They handed the ball to Dalvin Cook and relied on him to get them in 2nd or 3rd and short distances. That hasn’t been enough this season or in recent matchups vs the Packers.

Dalvin, Dalvin and more Dalvin…

But it worked like a charm Sunday. Dalvin Cook racked up 163 rushing yards on 30 carries and scored 4 total touchdowns, a season high in two out of three categories (went for 181 yds vs Titans). 4 TD’s in a game also tied a franchise record.

The game went into halftime tied at 14 but then the Vikings took control, and pushed the lead to 28-14. It looked like a ho-hum easy W, at one point… which seemed unfathomable.

That was too good to be true. Rodgers led the Packers down late and scored a touchdown + 2-point conversion, making it a 6-point game with just under 3 minutes remaining.

The Vikings managed one 1st down on the next drive, meaning the Packers didn’t have any timeouts when Rodgers’ finally got the ball back in his hands with just 47 seconds remaining. Green Bay started his march, completing a few short throws that went for a first down. But then one play didn’t make it out of bounds and it buried them.

Rodgers hiked his last ball with 12 seconds remaining and cocked back for one last heave. His arm never made its way forward, though (according to the call on the field).

Now What?

So it’s a Minnesota Vikings victory… but now what? Honestly, I hadn’t put any thought into this scenario. I didn’t give the Minnesota Vikings even a SLIM chance of winning this game and climbing to 2-5 on the season. Did anyone?

Most thought we’d be talking about the Tuesday trade deadline tonight. How deep would the “rebuild” be? Would Adam Thielen still be on roster? What about Harrison Smith? Anthony Harris? How bad can the tank get?

But here we are… I can’t imagine any of that happening anymore. Does Rick even trade guys like Riley Reiff or Kyle Rudolph, who we thought were already on their way out just an hour ago? There are so many questions to ask now…

…but I guess we’ll just have to save those questions for later. Tonight, I guess we celebrate a Vikings victory over the Green Bay Packers, right?

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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