Multiple Reports: 49ers Not Interested in Tom Brady… Because They Want Kirk Cousins

On ESPN’s “Get Up” this morning, Dianna Russini (NFL Insider) threw a bucket of gasoline on a couple different NFL fires… that really weren’t even burning. Mike Greenberg was so worried about where Tom Brady will eventually land, that he completely rolls over a bombshell that has others around the table, doing double-takes and exaggerated blinking exercises.

“I think there is another quarterback that is going to be on the market soon that the 49ers are going to want to take a look at and he’s in Minnesota right now.

I think we all know the history between Kyle Shanahan and Kirk Cousins. This is something that’s been going on for YEARS. I’ve never seen somebody want a quarterback as much as Kyle Shanahan has [wanted Kirk Cousins].”

Diana Russini – ESPN NFL Insider | On “Get Up”


Dianna even says, the 49ers might want to look at trades for Cousins BEFORE he comes available next offseason… which makes sense in A LOT of different directions, if you get past the shock that type of blockbuster would create around the league…

To add more fuel to this new fire, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated actually reported some very similar things yesterday (buried in a long notes column), involving our current QB and the apparent interest surrounding the San Francisco 49ers (thanks to The Viking Age for finding this).

If the greatest player of all-time wanted to play for you, wouldn’t you have to—whether he was 30 or 50—discuss it? I think that’s where the Niners are right now. What becomes of it, I don’t know. But I do know there’s been perception in league circles that Jimmy Garoppolo is on the clock, because Kirk Cousins is a free agent in 2021. (I still believe Brady landing in San Francisco is very unlikely, but maybe a significant return for Garoppolo would change the equation.)


Given some of the conjecture out there over the last week, it’ll certainly be interesting to see where the Vikings’ future with Kirk Cousins goes. If I were Cousins, and I knew that the Niners could be an option next year, I’m not sure I’d sign anything right now.

Albert Breer – Sports Illustrated NFL Insider

The buzz is clearly real, when it comes to the love Kyle Shanahan has for Kirk Cousins… and that has to be weird for Jimmy Garoppolo. These are two very plugged-in NFL insiders, who only found this news because they were digging for info on Tom Brady as it relates to the Niners..

It’s pretty weird to get a, ‘nope, we’re not interested in Tom… but we are waiting for Kirk Cousins to become available… or we might even trade for him if we don’t want to wait…’

Throw in what unloading Kirk Cousins would do for the Vikings’ desperate quest for salary cap relief… A blockbuster like this to SF would open up a million possibilities.

Who would be our quarterback for 2020, if we still want to contend for a Super Bowl??? Oh, I don’t know……


Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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