Dalton Risner’s Asking Price is Reportedly Too Expensive for Vikings

Dalton Risner, Minnesota Vikings
Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

Now that the NFL Draft is over and the Minnesota Vikings have signed a bunch of undrafted free agents, the training camp roster nearly set. Nonetheless, there are plenty of improvements that could still be made, especially on the interior offensive line.

Ed Ingram is a relative lock at right guard but the Vikings do not have either of last year’s starting left guards on roster. They traded Ezra Cleveland to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who signed him to an extension this offseason. And Dalton Risner, who the Vikings signed in week 3 last season is still a (disgruntled) free agent.

After spending all of last offseason and even part of the regular season sitting in free agency, Risner made it very clear when 2023 was coming to an end that he wants to be on a roster (preferably the Vikings) as soon as possible this offseason. But as of Thursday morning, the 28-year-old veteran remains unsigned.

Dalton Risner too expensive for Minnesota Vikings

And, as mentioned, he isn’t happy about it either. He took to Twitter back in March, hired a new agent (Drew Rosenhaus) and he’s voiced his during interviews a couple times since. So… why is Dalton Risner still having issues finding a team (again) in free agency? According to Alec Lewis (The Athletic), he’s asking too much. At least, that’s how the Vikings feel.

Until free agent Dalton Risner lowers his monetary ask (he recently switched agents to Drew Rosenhaus, with whom the Vikings have a great relationship), it’s difficult to see a path toward his return.

Alec Lewis – The Athletic

Dalton Risner wasn’t as good in 2024, compared to what he had shown in his first four seasons. Is that due to a career decline or joining a new team late? Risner’s 67.4 PFF pass block grade was the worst of his career and his run block grade, which has never been his strength, dipped all the way down to 50.0, also a career low.

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We don’t know what the Minnesota Vikings would be willing to pay Risner, or what his asking price is. He claims it isn’t anything absurd, but clearly it’s more than what teams are willing to pay. Last year, Dalton ended up signing for under $1.5 million.

The Vikings signed Blake Brandel to a contract extension recently that includes $3.1 million in guarantees over three years, and Alec Lewis is being told they’d be comfortable playing him at guard, if needed. They also like their new draft pick Michael Jurgens (Wake Forest).

Minnesota could turn to Brandel at left guard. The coaching staff has raved about him for a couple of years, but he does not have much experience. His $3.1 million fully guaranteed deal is a signal of that belief, and it helps that Minnesota drafted Jurgens in the event of an injury on the interior.

Alec Lewis – The Athletic

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This report confirms a couple of things that clear up questions surrounding why Dalton Risner is not on the Minnesota Vikings roster. General manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah clearly hasn’t crossed Risner off his list of potential o-linemen for the 2024-25 season.

But he isn’t budging at the free agent’s current asking price. In other words, bring the price down or find another landing spot… if you can.

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