Dalton Risner Hires NFL Super Agent to Rescue Him From Free Agency

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When NFL free agency kicked off, it appeared Dalton Risner’s return was all but certain. After all, the Minnesota Vikings need a starting left guard on their roster and, without him, they don’t have anyone (yet) who has proven they are starting-caliber at that position.

Not only that, but Risner did everything he could to land in Eagan last season and he has expressed a strong desire to return, since the moment it ended. But here we are, over two weeks into free agency and less than a month before the start of the 2024 NFL Draft, and there Risner sits, still available.

He hasn’t even taken any visits anywhere, that we know of. All has been quiet on the Vikings’ front too. Not even a peep of genuine interest in bringing back the 28-year-old out of Kansas State has even been swatted around the rumor mill. And after dealing with this for two offseason’s in a row, Dalton Risner is sick of waiting.

Minnesota Vikings FA Dalton Risner hires Drew Rosenhaus

Dalton Risner
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According to The Athletic’s Alec Lewis, Risner has fired his agent and now employs the one and only Drew Rosenhaus, who represents some of the biggest superstars in football, and is widely considered the biggest name agent in the NFL.

“The Vikings’ left guard situation still seems a bit uncertain. Blake Brandel is the leader in the clubhouse. The Vikings could pursue another option in the draft. They could also sign a free agent like Dalton Risner, who has switched agents since the beginning of free agency and is represented by Drew Rosenhaus.”

Alec Lewis on Dalton Risner’s agent switch

Risner joining a powerhouse sports agency doesn’t mean the Vikings are out of the race. According to Spotrac, the Vikings have four Rosenhaus clients on the roster, including several recent signings. Newly signed Jonathan Greenard and Aaron Jones are both Rosenhaus clients. So is Brandon Powell, who just signed an extension to stay in Minnesota. His fourth Vikings client, Josh Metellus, signed an $8 million extension prior to the start of last season.

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Risner isn’t believed to be looking for some massive contract. He’s made that clear many times over. He just wants a contract suited for a legit starting left guard. But no matter the size of the deal you want, ‘super-agents’ like Rosenhaus are hired because they have a track record in getting their clients what they want, which is clearly not something Dalton Risner is used to.

Risner changing agents could be another reason why his market has been slow to develop. According to NFL rules, players must wait at least five days after firing one agent before they can hire another. Lewis’ article doesn’t state when Rosenhaus was hired, but it’s likely the switch happened very recently.

If so, Risner’s market could be heating up very soon, and if the Vikings don’t act quickly, they could miss the boat altogether. Based on their disinterest so far, however, it’s very possible they don’t care.

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