Kevin O’Connell Gives Update on JJ McCarthy’s Progress and His Rank in Vikings QB Hierarchy

J.J. McCarthy throwing at Minnesota Vikings minicamp
Photo courtesy of the Minnesota VikingsCredit: Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have just finished their mandatory minicamp, which concluded on June 6th. However, they still have scheduled OTAs running through June 13th, giving head coach Kevin O’Connell a few more days to tweak some things.

Minnesota Vikings head coach talks about JJ McCarthy’s progress

Today, KOC appeared on the “Rich Eisen Show” to talk about various topics, including the progress of minicamp and OTAs. One of those offseason updates included high praise for the team’s 1st round quarterback, JJ McCarthy.

Not only is McCarthy meeting expectations, says the 39-year-old Vikings head coach, but he is showing significant gains with each passing day. O’Connell emphasized how McCarthy’s dedication and hard work are already paying dividends and impressing those in TCO Performance Center.

“He’s starting to show some ownership of [our offense] and growing every single day. It’ll be a big week for him this week, getting a few more reps before we set him off into the summer; before arriving back here for a big training camp for our whole team, and certainly for JJ as he continues his development.

But Rich, I can just tell you everything so far, we had hoped to get out of JJ from the spring, confirming a lot of things we thought about him throughout the pre-draft process, he’s done all those things and then some. He’s been wearing us out at the facilities, working his tail off, and I think he’s going to be in a great spot to continue his growth and development on a really good timeline.”

Kevin O’Connell – Rich Eisen Show

It seems O’Connell is really impressed with McCarthy’s approach to his work, already approaching the “game” of football like a professional, and leader. JJ appears to trust the process and seems to be on the right path in his development as a quarterback.

O’Connell also mentioned, during his appearance on the Rich Eisen Show, that McCarthy has been getting some snaps with the first team offense. That is the first time we have heard anything about the No. 10 overall pick getting any work with the starters this spring.

Eisen: “I noticed [JJ McCarthy] wasn’t taking any first team snaps. What are you executing for your plan with him right now?”

KOC: “Yeah, he’s had a great spring. He’s off to a really good start. You know, transitioning into a new offense, a bunch of new teammates, new players. He gets a ton of work throughout ‘routes on air’ and even at ‘seven-on-seven’ , where we were going full speed on all that stuff, with some of the first group throughout the spring.

So, JJ’s gotten a good acclimation to, you know, what our offense is really all about. He’s starting to show some ownership of it and growing every single day.”

Rich Eisen Show

Clearly, Kevin O’Connell believes that JJ McCarthy is on the right track, to start off his NFL career. What does that mean for his future? Would KOC tell us if he thought differently? Those questions are certainly worthy of asking. But likely, only time will tell.

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Spring practice will wrap up this week, giving the team a breather of just over a month before they gear up for training camp ahead of the 2024 season.

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