Annie Agar Takes Aim at Kirk Cousins’ New Employer

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The Minnesota Vikings have employed Kirk Cousins for exactly half of his professional career. They tried to retain his services for the upcoming 2024 season, but the Atlanta Falcons threw him an absolute bag. Now, popular NFL content creator and queen of firing strays, Annie Agar (Stadium) has taken aim at Cousins’ new employer.

When the Atlanta Falcons gave Kirk Cousins a four-year deal that included $100 million guaranteed, it was seen as a sizable indication that they were committed to him into the foreseeable future.

Looking for a quarterback to make up for the flop that was Desmond Ridder, the Falcons opted into paying the best available free agent. They then followed it up with some curious moves that allowed Annie Agar an opportunity to take aim at Kirk Cousins’ employer.

Another quarterback available for QB collecting Atlanta Falcons

While the Atlanta Falcons clearly love Kirk Cousins, they are apparently enamored with signal callers in general. Despite handing out a crazy amount of guaranteed money ($100M) to a quarterback on the wrong side of 35 and coming off an achilles tear, still used their top 10 pick on QB Michael Penix Jr.

Not only did they fail to inform Cousins of their looming decision until the final minutes prior to it being announced, but they actively chose against improving the talent around him, with guys like (WR) Rome Odunze (OT) Olumuyiwa Fashanu and (TE) Brock Bowers still on the board.

With Penix in the fold, there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t be interested in adding more quarterbacks as well, right? Might as well add to the collection… and that’s where Agar found the opportunity to send one of her infamous internet zingers. The Denver Broncos are rich in quarterback capital so they released 2023 XFL leading passer, Ben DiNucci, who Annie suggests is probably on the Falcons’ radar.

Obviously this is more in jest than anything, but Agar has created a career out of comedy suggestions at the expense of different teams, and Atlanta left themselves wide open for this one.

Is Kirk Cousins Feeling Regret after leaving Minnesota Vikings?

If there is something that Cousins has shown he has an affinity for, it’s the partnership between him and his employer. During his introductory press conference the new Falcons quarterback talked about the commitment made to him by Atlanta, and how Minnesota’s deal fell short of feeling like there was a long-term future. That’s great in theory, but his new employer left him in the dark at the first opportunity.

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By selecting Penix, the Falcons have already begun a succession plan for Cousins, even though it may not take hold for another three years. They passed on an opportunity to immediately upgrade a roster that Cousins will be looking to win immediately with, and they made him a mentor for someone they ultimately hope will take over his job.

Annie Agar Just Getting Started

If you have followed Agar for any period of time, you know all about her NFL and NCAA league meeting skits. Putting out high quality NFL content is something you can find through multiple avenues of the internet, but Annie Agar’s comedic wit and charm are pretty much unmatched.

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If Agar’s tweet is any indication, it seems likely that Cousins’ new employer could be the butt of more than a few jokes, going forward. The Vikings have since moved on, with the signing of Sam Darnold and then drafting J.J. McCarthy. It seems their strategy is a much more sound one than that of the team now paying their former QB1.

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