Twins Pitching Prospect Helps Rescue Florida Man from House Fire

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The Minnesota Twins are no longer in Florida for Spring Training. They arrived in Kansas City on Tuesday, ahead of Opening Day vs the Royals (Thursday). Most of the minor league players are still hanging around Fort Myers, expected to ship out this weekend or on Monday, for the start of their seasons in the first week of April.

But there’s one lucky Florida man still alive on Thursday who is really thankful that one Twins pitching prospect, 24-year-old Travis Adams, was still in town (and home) earlier this week, when some sort of explosion set his house on fire and a AA pitching prospect, Travis Adams, was temporarily living next door.

Minnesota Twins prospect Travis Adams saves Florida man from fire

According to WINK News in Florida, the Fort Myers fire department was dispatched to a house fire around 6 p.m. on Monday, and when they arrived, it quickly became apparent that the neighbors, specifically Adams, had entered the burning house and saved the man living there (named Howard).

“[My roommate] was like, ‘Dude, the house across streets is on fire’, I looked over. And then I ended up just running out of the house,” Adams said he immediately ran out of his home and across the street to see if anyone was inside and if they needed to be pulled out.

“I ran and kind of asked if, like, anyone was in the house and whatnot,” Adams said. “Like no one knew and so me and the guy went to the front door and started like knocking on it. And like someone had to break in the front window. And, like, I think they knew who was in there. He was yelling “Howard, your house is on fire, get out.”


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Not only did Adams run out of his own house and to the aid of a neighbor he didn’t know. But after he couldn’t get in through the front door, he ran around back, broke through the fence, and proceeded to bust through another door. Sure enough, there was his neighbor, in need of help. How insane is this story?!

“We couldn’t like get in. And so I had to go around. And let’s see if there’s another door. And so there was a door on the side. So I end up like tearing a little part of the fence down to get back there. We end up getting the door open and kind of moving some stuff out of the way of that door and getting him out,” Adams said. “My goal was just to help him out of the house because I didn’t know like how much of the house is on fire or, you know, what was on fire. I saw a big old blaze and fire and smoke coming from the house.”

Travis Adams on saving his neighbor from a fire (WINK News)

Of course, like all good heroes, Travis tried to deflect credit afterwards, saying that he doesn’t think of himself as a hero. That he was just trying to do the right thing. Well busting into your neighbors burning house to save someone who may or may not be there is going above and beyond “doing the right thing”, but go off, king.

Travis Adams the professional baseball player

Adams is a 2021 6th round draft pick out of Sacramento State who is stuck in a mob of mid-20s pitchers currently filling up the rosters of AA and AAA and his numbers last season were not very good (5.66 ERA). But according to Twins Daily, Travis throws 97 MPH and still very much has the Twins’ eye.

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He’s been a starter for his entire career but may have to turn to the bullpen, if he wants to have a chance at the big leagues. Whether his future is in baseball or something else, Travis Adams will always have ‘saving Florida man’ on his resume.

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