Byron Buxton Tired of Being Dragged Down by ‘Too Much Information’

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Minnesota Twins center fielder Byron Buxton is catching fire, contributing significantly to the team’s recent success. The Twins have been on a nice hot streak of late, going 7-3 in their last ten games.

They just wrapped up another series victory against the Oakland Athletics, and now carry that momentum into Arizona, where they have a three-game series vs the Diamondbacks, starting Tuesday.

And there’s no doubt Byron Buxton has been a key contributor to how well the Twins have been playing recently, looking a lot more like the star we once expected him to be. Over his past 14 games, Buxton is slashing .314/.352/.529 with three doubles, a triple, two home run, and nine RBIs in 51 plate appearances.

Byron Buxton frustrated with “too much information”, adopts new approach

What’s behind his recent surge? Buxton spoke to reporters following a recent game, emphasizing the importance of simplicity, seemingly frustrated and overwhelmed with all the information the Twins have at their players’ disposal.

That seems especially true when it comes to their approach at the plate. But Buxton doesn’t like thinking about all that. Instead, he has embraced a straightforward, simple “see ball, hit ball” strategy, and believes it’s paying dividends.

“It’s a nice thing to see the ball explode off his bat like that. He’s a special player and he can do things that you don’t see every day,” Baldelli said. “He had a really nice day today.”

Yeah, Buxton noticed, too. “See ball, hit ball. Simplify and just go compete, that’s it. Too much information,” he said. “Trusting yourself is a big thing. Once you do, it’s just going up there and having a quality at-bat and competing.”

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In a baseball landscape dominated by analytics, Buxton has to be weary of allowing too much information into his process. Thinking too much at the plate has gotten him in trouble before. Thinking less and letting the game come to him, has always been the best route to success for the 30-year-old out of Baxley, GA.

Byron Buxton hopes to continue hot streak for Minnesota Twins

Hopefully, he remembers that going forward. But, the slow start to his season likely has more behind it than “too much information”. Buxton’s knee is apparently feeling better than it has all season. That means he is affecting the game defensively. But not only that, he’s also found a way to feel healthier and healthier, even while remaining on the field.

Buxton has played in 58 out of 78 games this season, showing a durability we have not seen all that often throughout his career. If he manages to play over 100 games, it would mark only the second time he has hit that milestone in his 10-year MLB career, the other being when he played 140 games in 2017.

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According to Aaron Gleeman of The Athletic, how Buxton’s knee is feeling game-to-game has just as much to do with how he’s hitting as the “see ball, hit ball” mindset he trusts so much. When that knee feels good, his batting results usually follow.

Buxton’s stretch likely comes down to his knee feeling good on a consistent basis.When Buxton’s twice-repaired right knee feels good, he’s able to get into his swing and reach more pitches. When he’s not, he’s standing more upright in his stance and unable to get lower, which often results in popups and strikeouts.

Aaron Gleeman – The Athletic

Either way, Twins fans have longed for a healthy Byron Buxton playing at his best. If he can stay on the field and keep his head in the right place, it could turn into a 2nd half of the season that dreams were made for.

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