Timberwolves Season Over and Lottery Odds Final

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The NBA season is over and it’s finally time for the Minnesota Timberwolves to shift their attention to the playoffs draft lottery. But when they finally turn their head in that direction, they’ll realized how far down the lottery board with their recent winning ways.

Remember, Minnesota needs to land in the top-3 of June’s draft if they want to keep their pick. Should the Wolves fall out of the top-3, they’ll lose their first round selection to Golden State.

RkTeam#1 Pick#2 Pick#3 Pick#4 Pick
1Houston Rockets14.0%13.4%12.7%11.9%
2Detroit Pistons14.0%13.4%12.7%11.9%
3Orlando Magic14.0%13.4%12.7%11.9%
4Cleveland Cavaliers11.5%11.4%11.2%11.0%
5Oklahoma City Thunder11.5%11.4%11.2%11.0%
6Minnesota Timberwolves9.0%9.2%9.4%9.6%
7Toronto Raptors7.5%7.8%8.1%8.5%
8New Orleans Pelicans4.5%4.8%5.2%5.7%
9Sacramento Kings4.5%4.8%5.2%5.7%
10Chicago Bulls4.5%4.8%5.2%5.7%

Winning ways

While the Wolves have been busy winning six of their last ten games, other teams in the bottom-seven haven’t mustered more than two (Orlando, Houston) victories in that same span. Minnesota started Chris Finch’s tenure with a 6-18 record. Something clicked around April 16, however.

That night, the Timberwolves started playing a better brand of basketball and they’ve posted a 9-7 record since, to prove it. In their season finale on Sunday night, the pups absolutely dominated the Dallas Mavericks (#5 seed in West playoffs) with a 136-121 ass-kicking that began right at the opening tip.

When Gersson Rosas shocked the NBA community by hiring Chris Finch off another team’s bench mid-season, he made it clear that winning games couldn’t wait for next year. I’m not sure he expected to fall out of the lottery’s top-5 in the process, but if Gerss really believes in what Finch represents, then he knew such a run was possible.

All we can do now is wait. With or without the draft pick, the Minnesota Timberwolves have successfully gotten me aroused about their future. But some luck in the draft lottery could completely change the trajectory at a steep upward angle.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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