Miguel Sano Out Until May

Image: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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On last night’s podcast (now available for listening here) we talked at length about how excited we were for the Twins and how good their team looked… We were even stupid enough to estimate the number of homeruns they’d hit as a team… Minnesota was listening:

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If you’re like me and had to look up what the hell “debridement” means, that’s what google is we are here for:

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I wrote about this the last time we got an update on Miguel Sano. Back then, he was only going to spend an extra week in the walking boot. Something didn’t seem right then, and given Sano’s history with lengthy injury recoveries, I was already starting to wonder out loud…

And, in Minnesota-fashion, Phil Miller drops this bomb on us just minutes ago.

I’m really trying not to get overly-negative and too far ahead of myself on this. AS OF NOW, Sano is only out for one month and caution is the best approach with him but I can’t help but go to that dark place… Our fandom needs the Twins to be competetive this summer. With all of the letdown and bullshit we’ve dealt with in 2019, we deserve an overachieving underdog that steals our heart.

This is not the start we were looking for.

HOWEVER, how big time is Marwin Gonzalez going to be from the beginning? We just discussed last night how big time it was going to pay off, having 10 legitimate MLB starters on the roster. That didn’t take long.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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