Ep. 44: Twins Optimism, Bubbling Gophers, and Vikings Trade Rumors… + Some PJ Fleck


In episode 44, the guys work to stay on task in an episode that doesn’t have a guest. Some straying from topic leads to talk about Twitter troll accounts and more love for PJ Fleck.

While on topic, we talk about how good the Twins will be and we estimate how many home runs they will hit by going through the lineup player by player. Can the beat 225?

It’s a big Tuesday in Minnesota sports and that includes the first of two games this week where the Gophers will have a chance to win their way into the NCAA Tournament… I wish we were as optimistic on them as we are on the Twins…

The Vikings trade rumors are swirling. Is Everson Griffen the right phone call away from being a former Viking?
And, you didn’t think you would escape an episode without a PJ BJ did you? Good, because we talk about Fleck vs. Jerry again.

Episode Chapters

  1. 00:00 | Intro
  2. 06:08 | Barry McCockiner
  3. 09:26 | Let’s Talk Twins
  4. 14:15 | Estimating 2019 Twins Homeruns (Individual & Total)
  5. 29:30 | Clip of Former W. Mich. QB on Fleck’s Greatness (The Scoop Podcast – Wolfson – Ep. 207 | We Discuss
  6. 42:20 | Is Losing in MN a Self-fulfilling Prophecy?
  7. 44:50 | Will the Gophers be Dancing?
  8. 51:15 | Passing by the Wolves and Wild
  9. 52:45 | Vikings Shopping Everson Griffen HARD…
  10. 55:40 | Vikings Draft Talk to Close
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