Malik Beasley’s Wife Took His Fall for Felony Drug Charges so He Cheated on Her with Scottie Pippen’s Ex-Wife (and Others)

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Malik Beasley signed a 4-year/$60 million contract last week with the Minnesota Timberwolves, but outside of that, his life is currently a shit show. Don’t feel sorry for him. I’ve never met Malik but with every day that goes by, he looks like a worse human being.

Let’s skip past the felony charges he is facing for pointing his rifle at a family (including a 13-yr-old girl) who was house hunting in his rich Plymouth, MN neighborhood. Then, we’ll look beyond the security camera footage that has Hennepin County trying to take his son away for leaving and pointing loaded guns in the 1-year-old’s vicinity.

There was a 2nd felony charge that Malik Beasley avoided this offseason. After his house was searched by police, because he pointed a rifle at an innocent family not on his property, he was wasn’t slapped with a felony drug charge for the 30+ ounces (1.85 lbs) of marijuana that was found. His wife, Montana Yao, was charged with that felony. Yeah, his wife was his “fall guy gal”.

Ride or Die?

That’s a “ride or die” relationship, right? Well… maybe on one side… but not for Malik Beasley. The last 24 hours have been about Beasley and his side chicks. It started with Larsa Pippen (46), Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife and a social media “entrepreneur” who has 2 million Instagram followers. Malik’s “fall guy” wife has come out and said she had no idea about Pippen, let alone any others…

Sources close to Beasley’s wife Montana Yao tell TMZ Sports … she was “blindsided” when she saw the pics of the Minnesota Timberwolves star arm-in-arm with Pippen during a Nov. 23 outing in Miami.

In the photos, 24-year-old Beasley and 46-year-old Pippen are wearing masks and holding hands while walking out in public. Larsa is wearing a pretty sexy outfit with no bra.

Our sources tell us Yao — who has a child with Beasley — had expected Malik to be home in Minnesota for his 24th birthday on Nov. 26 … and she was disappointed when he didn’t make it back.


Not done…

If you think Malik Beasley cared about being busted by TMZ or anyone else, you’re wrong. This dude gives ZERO fucks. We’ve since found out that Beasley wasn’t only hiding his side chick from his wife… but from another side chick.


This one’s Instagram following is a lot smaller but she has the receipts between herself and Beasley.. and they are pretty incredible. According to, @luvvjewel wasn’t happy about the Larsa Pippen pictures either.

These emails and DM’s tho…

ALL HELL has broken loose! Malik, who is still very much a married man, was also allegedly creepin’ with another woman (@luvvjewel), who was NOT happy when she found out about Larsa on social media, similarly to how his wife found out.

The tea is, Malik slid into her DMs and they have had a full on (alleged) relationship. Our source tells us, she’s been inside Malik’s home, she’s met his son, and has slept in the same bed he shares (or now shared) with his wife.

@TheShadeRoom – Instagram

I’m not perfect but at least I’m not Malik Beasley

I’m don’t usually come here to patronize athletes’ personal lives. They live lives that none of us could even imagine and the temptations they run into have to be that of the impossible nature…

But I can’t anymore with Malik Beasley. If your wife takes felony drug charges for you, you can’t do her dirty like this. All this dude has to do is lay low and the Timberwolves and their media outlets will leave him alone.

Instead, he can’t stay out of his own way and has zero real consequences for his actions. It’s pretty incredible. Oh, but his wife has, according to, gotten a lawyer and plans to file for divorce. Good for her. Hopefully she rats him out on the drug charge too.

** has plenty of detractors but their stories are legitimate.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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