Hennepin County Files for Protection of Malik Beasley’s Young Son

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Back in September, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley was arrested in his Plymouth, MN home. At the time, many were under the impression that he was booked for “smoking a little weed”.

But more information has been pouring in over the last week, and it doesn’t shine Beasley in a good light. The latest came Wednesday morning. Included in this new drop, is an order for protection filed by Hennepin County, for Beasley’s 19-month-old son. Here are the details, according to the Star Tribune.

Beyond the charges filed last week accusing Beasley of aiming a rifle at a couple and their teenage daughter in an SUV outside his house, where a large stash of marijuana and other guns were seized by police, the petition also says Beasley was caught on indoor video surveillance pointing a rifle “in the general direction” of his son in the garage that same day.

The son remains in parental custody as a judge weighs the petition’s allegations and whatever response to the filing the parents might offer.

Paul Walsh – Star Tribune

I don’t want to comment on what Beasley was doing “pointing a rifle in the general direction” of his 19-month-old son, without any of the video or context, but it sounds really bad when written on paper.

County Files for Protection of Beasley’s Son

The new charges don’t stop there, however. According to this same report by the Star Tribune, Beasley and his wife met with a county child protection investigator, following the incident above. They agreed to a “safety plan” that included staying sober while all of this got figured out.

Neither was able to do so. Two weeks after being told to stay clean, both parents tested positive for the “active ingredient for marijuana”. Malik also tested positive for an amphetamine and his wife for “a recent sedative”.

More Details From First Arrest

We’re finding out more about what was seized from Malik Beasley’s house, following his original arrest. Beyond the rifle and 1.75 lbs of marijuana that was originally reported, here’s what police seized.

— One Loaded shotgun that was accessible to 19-month-old son (gun was previously reported stolen in Denver before Beasley was traded here)

— One handgun

— Three notebooks suspected of being drug ledgers

— Nine dextroamphetamine pills

The loaded shotgun is part of what triggered the county to file for protection of Beasley’s young son. Malik and his wife currently have custody of their son while a judge reviews the county’s request.

What Next?

We’ll just have to wait and see what else comes out, regarding this arrest. Minnesota Timberwolves players and management have all supported Beasley and have committed to riding this out with him. How far can their allegiance stretch? I guess we’ll find out.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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